Grand Slam Sports Tournaments

Gate Information

Text GSState to 84483 to opt in for weather updates through text.

Please make sure to check schedules for today, some game times have been altered.

Gate Fees

$25 - 3 day pass - available Friday only....

$10 daily gate fee and

$5 daily for senior citizens or military. Military is individual, not family.

Please keep in mind when purchasing a 3 day pass or daily pass that most divisions have bracket games on Saturday & your team could be eliminated.

If you purchase a 3 day pass and your team is eliminated Saturday, this pass is NOT refundable.

Pleae make sure to check schedules, Friday game times have been altered. 

Welcome to the 2022 Grand Slam MS State Tournament
Our group, The Tournament Team, is proud to host the

7A, 7AA, 8KP, 9A, 9AAA, 9Major, 10AAA, 11AAA, 13AA, 13AAA, 14AA, & 14AAA

Please pay close attention to the following. General Rules & location specific rules. 

Coaches, if we have to remove one of your fans from the complex, the head coach will also be ejected for that game.

Fans will not be allowed to return for that event who have been ejected. 

Any pattern of badgering of an umpire, other fans, coaches, players, directors, gate workers, etc...will result in being escorted from the park by Brandon, Flowood, Pearl or Ridgeland PD. Coaches, if you put your hands on an umpire, you will be prosecuted & vice versa for umpires to coaches. 
Tournament Directors have the discretion to have anyone removed from the park.

Gate fees are nonrefundable. 

Directors are on site...if you have issues or rule interpretations, stop the game and call for a director. We can't help you after the game ends. 

Game Day Text Line - 601-732-5040 -TEXT ONLY

Freedom Ridge Site Director - Dewey Owens - 334-455-9446

Flowood Site Director - Doug Stephens - 601-934-4251

Quarry Site Director - Greg McBride - 601-604-7682

Pearl Site Director - Marty McMullen - 601-480-1822

Gate Fees

$25 - 3 day pass - available Friday only

$10 daily gate fee

$5 daily for senior citizens or military. Military is individual, not family.  

Please keep in mind when purchasing a 3 day pass or daily pass that most divisions have bracket games on Saturday & your team could be eliminated. 

If you purchase a 3 day pass and your team is eliminated Saturday, this pass is NOT refundable. 

Team Check In

    Head coach or team representative must check in before the team is allowed to play. 

    We ask that you complete your team check in an hour and a half to two hours before your first game.

    At team check in you will need to

    Verify your roster

    Show proof of insurance

    Show proof of grade for any grade exception players. This must be a report card, progress report or official letter on school letterhead showing proof of grade for the 2021-2022 school year. (Only two grade exception players are allowed for ages 7-13 & only 3 for age 14U)

    Pick up coaches passes - These passes were NOT mailed. 

    Pick up pre ordered t-shirts

    Sign off on a tournament code of conduct

    Pick up other relevant tournament information. 

    What’s not allowed

      Sunflower Seeds - Sunflower Seeds are not allowed at any location. This is nothing new & this policy is expected to be followed diligently. Each city has an ordinance of no sunflower seeds & Grand Slam is expected to follow this. We are fined by the city if this isn’t followed & face the potential of losing hosting privileges. 

        Any team caught with sunflower seeds in the dugout or on the field could face a forfeit of that game. 

          Our staff checks dugouts before & after each game. 

            Any spectator caught with Sunflower seeds could be removed from the park. 

              DO NOT bring seeds into the park

                Steel Spikes are not allowed at any location

                  Dogs/Pets are not allowed at any location w/exception of service animals

                    Alcohol and tobacco use are not allowed at any location

                      Sound machines are allowed, but must be kept at a respectable volume

                        Scooters & hoverboards are limited to parking lots. Can not be used around the fields or concession stands. 

                        Pearl Youth Baseball Complex - 9A, 9AAA, 13AAA

                        Teams will need to check in at the big blue tent that will be located on the left side of the concession stand. Please see above for the information needed at check in. 

                        All vehicles must be parked in a parking spot

                        No parking on any walkway

                        Vehicles parked on walkways or in illegal spots could receive a ticket from Pearl PD or possibly be towed. 

                        Fields are numbered 1-8. When you enter the gate, fields will begin on your left with field 1 and go in sequence all the way around to field 8. When you enter the gate, field 8 is on your immediate right and field 1 is on your immediate left. 

                        Quarry - 7A, 7AA, 8KP, 9Major

                        Teams will need to check in at the big blue tent under the breezeway at the very middle concession stand. Please see above for the information needed at check in. 

                        Only 1 of the 2 drive-through gates will be open. This gate directly across from the amphitheater will be closed. 

                        Fields are numbered 1-6, if you are looking from the parking lot to the middle concession stand in the middle of the park, field 1 will be on your left and go in sequence to the right with field 6 being on the far right. 

                        Flowood - 10AAA, 11AAA, 13AA

                        Teams will need to check in at the big blue tent that is located in the grassy area between the two complexes. When you pull in the gate, drive forward and take a right in between the two 4 plexes. Please see above for information needed at check in. 

                        Fields are numbered 1-4 and 5-8. 

                        Fields 1-4 are the first set of fields on your left when you enter the gate. 

                        Fields 5-8 are at the very back of the complex.

                        Freedom Ridge - 14AA, 14AAA

                        Teams will need to check in at the directors table located on the backside of the concession stand. Please see above for information needed at check in. 

                        Fields are Blue, Red, Gray, & Maroon. You will see the field colors on the fence and the scoreboard. 

                        Jackson Prep - 13AAA

                        Teams will check in with the director as they enter the gate.




                        • All players participating must be on the roster and approved. 

                        • No player is allowed to participate with more than 1 team during an event. 

                        • Players can only be on 1 roster in the same age division. If a player is found to be listed on two rosters, he must be removed from 1 at the time a director is notified. This is NOT a forfeit! 

                        • If a team wants to protest, it must be done during the game. 

                        • Initiate a protest by calling a time and informing the umpire you want to protest. 

                        • Umpire will call for a director. 

                        • $300 cash is due upfront for a protest to move forward. If you win the protest, the money is returned. If you lose the protest, you lose the money. 

                        • The game will not stop until the $300 cash has been given to the director. 

                        Time Limits

                        • 7A & 7AA will be 1:00

                        • 8KP-10AAA Will be 1:20

                        • 11AAA-13AAA will be 1:30

                        • 14AA & 14AAA will be 1:40

                        • Do not let an umpire tell you no new inning within 5 minutes of the time limit. If you are told this, stop the game immediately or the plate conference and call for a director. 

                        General Rules

                        • 3rd to 1st pickoff is legal, high school rules

                        • Head-first slide is legal to any base except when a player is wearing a jaw guard, chin strap, or facemask. the 1st infraction is a warning and the 2nd infraction is an out. This only applies to bases being advanced to, not returning. This is for ages 7-12. 

                        • 13U must use a -5 or -3 bat

                        • 14U must use a -3 bat. 

                        • Scorecards must be signed with an umpire and a director after each game. NOT on the field. Report to your director after the game to have the card signed and verified. Please pay attention to the score & pitching. 

                        • 8U-12U pitchers get 8 innings for the weekend. No daily limit. 

                        • 13U & 14U pitchers get 10 innings for the weekend. No daily limit. 

                        • 9A will have a 6 run per inning limit in pool play only. 

                        • No intentional walks in 7A & 7AA. 

                        • 7A & 7AA are double elimination. Double elimination with no “if” game. The championship game is winner take all. Meaning, even if the undefeated team loses, the tournament is over. There will be NO if game. 

                        8KP Rules

                        • 46 foot mound

                        • 60 foot bases

                        • 6 innings or 1:20 time limit, whichever comes first. 

                        • 6 runs per inning limit in pool play & bracket play

                        • No leading off

                        • No stealing

                        • No balks

                        • No infield fly rule

                        • Batter can't advance to first on a dropped 3rd strike.

                        • Can advance on pass balls, including 3rd to home. 

                        • Pass ball will be deemed any ball not caught cleanly by the catcher. 

                        • Bunting is allowed

                        • Double elimination with no “if” game. The championship game is winner take all. Meaning, even if the undefeated team loses, the tournament is over. There will be NO if game. 


                        Game Date/Time Field Team vs Team
                        Game 1 6/10 5:00 PM Quarry 1 11 Diamond Elite 7U 3 Madison Blue Jays
                        Game 2 6/10 6:10 PM Quarry 1 18 River City Rage 6 Jackson Cubs
                        Game 3 6/10 7:20 PM Quarry 1 13 Houston Bullets 0 Jackson Cubs
                        Game 4 6/10 8:30 PM Quarry 1 16 Corinth Indians 6 Vicksburg Elite Baseball
                        Game 5 6/11 10:00 AM Quarry 1 13 Knights Knation - Harkins 1 Northwest Fire
                        Game 6 6/11 11:00 AM Quarry 1 13 Diamond Elite 7U 20 River City Rage
                        Game 7 6/11 11:00 AM Quarry 2 17 Houston Bullets 3 Madison Blue Jays
                        Game 8 6/11 12:10 PM Quarry 1 13 Corinth Indians 1 Northwest Fire
                        Game 9 6/11 12:10 PM Quarry 2 10 Knights Knation - Harkins 11 Vicksburg Elite Baseball
                        # Team W-L-T RA RD RS
                        1 Houston Bullets 2-0-0 3 14 20
                        2 Corinth Indians 2-0-0 7 14 20
                        3 River City Rage 2-0-0 19 14 20
                        4 Knights Knation - Harkins 1-1-0 12 6 20
                        5 Diamond Elite 7U 1-1-0 23 0 20
                        6 Vicksburg Elite Baseball 1-1-0 26 -6 16
                        7 Northwest Fire 0-2-0 26 -14 2
                        8 Madison Blue Jays 0-2-0 28 -14 6
                        9 Jackson Cubs 0-2-0 31 -14 6

                        7A Championship Bracket 7U-A

                        7A Championship Bracket
                        8 Madison Blue Jays 14
                        Saturday 1:20 PM
                        Quarry 1
                        9 Jackson Cubs 4
                        1 Houston Bullets 21
                        Saturday 3:40 PM
                        Quarry 1
                        Madison Blue Jays 18
                        4 Knights Knation - Harkins 17
                        Saturday 2:30 PM
                        Quarry 1
                        5 Diamond Elite 7U 7
                        2 Corinth Indians 13
                        Saturday 1:20 PM
                        Quarry 2
                        7 Northwest Fire 1
                        3 River City Rage 15
                        Saturday 2:30 PM
                        Quarry 2
                        6 Vicksburg Elite Baseball 12
                        L3 Northwest Fire 9
                        Saturday 3:40 PM
                        Quarry 2
                        L1 Jackson Cubs 17
                        Jackson Cubs 3
                        Saturday 5:00 PM
                        Quarry 1
                        L4 Vicksburg Elite Baseball 11
                        L5 Madison Blue Jays 1
                        Saturday 5:00 PM
                        Quarry 2
                        L2 Diamond Elite 7U 12
                        Houston Bullets 12
                        Sunday 11:10 AM
                        Quarry 1
                        Knights Knation - Harkins 11
                        Corinth Indians 12
                        Sunday 10:00 AM
                        Quarry 1
                        River City Rage 11
                        L9 River City Rage 14
                        Sunday 12:20 PM
                        Quarry 2
                        Vicksburg Elite Baseball 4
                        L10 Knights Knation - Harkins 13
                        Sunday 12:20 PM
                        Quarry 1
                        Diamond Elite 7U 9
                        River City Rage 14
                        Sunday 1:40 PM
                        Quarry 2
                        Knights Knation - Harkins 7
                        Houston Bullets 5
                        Sunday 2:50 PM
                        Quarry 2
                        Corinth Indians 11
                        L14 Houston Bullets 6
                        Sunday 4:00 PM
                        Quarry 2
                        River City Rage 14
                        Corinth Indians 4
                        Sunday 5:30 PM
                        Quarry 2
                        River City Rage 3
                        Sunday 12:00 AM
                        Quarry NO GAME
                        If necessary
                        Corinth Indians
                        Team Division W-L-T
                        1 Corinth Indians
                        Corinth, MS
                        7U-A 25-24-1
                        2 Diamond Elite 7U
                        Meridian, MS
                        7U-A 12-15-0
                        3 Houston Bullets
                        Houston, MS
                        7U-A 18-24-0
                        4 Jackson Cubs
                        Jackson, MS
                        7U-A 4-17-0
                        5 Knights Knation - Harkins
                        Madison, MS
                        7U-A 20-20-1
                        6 Madison Blue Jays
                        Madison, MS
                        7U-A 3-15-0
                        7 Northwest Fire
                        Flowood, MS
                        6U-OPEN 1-12-0
                        8 River City Rage
                        Columbus, MS
                        7U-A 17-17-0
                        9 Vicksburg Elite Baseball
                        Vicksburg, MS
                        7U-A 3-5-0
                        Team Division W-L-T
                        1 Canes
                        Central MS, MS
                        7U-AA 11-14-0
                        2 East Coast Sox 7U
                        Tuscaloosa, AL
                        7U-AA 15-9-1
                        3 Knights Knation - Snow
                        Madison, MS
                        7U-AA 30-12-1
                        4 Meridian Cubbies
                        Meridian, MS
                        7U-AA 10-9-1
                        5 Rippers
                        Flowood, MS
                        7U-AA 20-16-1
                        6 SBG Sox 7U
                        Jackson, MS
                        7U-AA 10-12-0
                        7 Scrappers Baseball
                        Southaven, MS
                        7U-AA 14-7-1
                        Team Division W-L-T
                        1 8U Canes MS - Stewart
                        Brandon, MS
                        8U-AA 10-21-0
                        2 Brandon Bombers
                        Brandon, MS
                        8U-AAA 22-8-3
                        3 Mississippi Cubs - Coltrain
                        Brandon, MS
                        8U-AA 28-23-0
                        4 MS Giants
                        Forest, MS
                        8U-AAA 42-12-0
                        5 Ms Sixers
                        Madison, MS
                        8U-A 10-11-0
                        Team Division W-L-T
                        1 Arsenal
                        Brandon, MS
                        9U-A 18-18-1
                        2 Braves
                        Choctaw, MS
                        9U-A 1-11-0
                        3 Canes Southeast MS 9u Gold
                        Hernando, MS
                        9U-A 12-13-1
                        4 Central MS Stingers-White
                        KOSCIUSKO, MS
                        9U-A 5-20-1
                        5 Copiah Vipers
                        Wesson, MS
                        9U-A 16-13-0
                        6 Delta Elite Baseball
                        Cleveland, MS
                        9U-A 13-14-2
                        7 Diamond Dawgs
                        Brandon, MS
                        9U-A 13-30-0
                        8 Dinger Navy
                        Nettleton, MS
                        9U-A 23-23-0
                        9 Golden Spikes
                        Vicksburg, MS
                        9U-A 7-19-0
                        10 Jackson Yard Goats
                        Jackson, MS
                        8U-AA 16-16-3
                        11 Knights Knation Snell/Culvert
                        Madison, MS
                        9U-A 11-18-0
                        12 Lincoln Patriots
                        Brookhaven, MS
                        9U-A 5-5-0
                        13 Madison County Thunder-ROYAL
                        Madison, MS
                        9U-A 13-24-0
                        14 Mississippi 96ers-Grey 9U
                        Pearl, MS
                        9U-A 20-18-1
                        15 Mississippi Braves
                        Fulton, MS
                        9U-A 3-16-0
                        16 Mississippi Mudcats
                        Vicskburg, MS
                        9U-A 15-15-1
                        17 Monroe County Mayhem
                        Hamilton, MS
                        9U-A 13-23-0
                        18 MS Yankees 9u Navy
                        Madison, MS
                        9U-A 4-31-0
                        19 New Albany Flames
                        New Albany, MS
                        9U-A 20-24-0
                        20 North Mississippi Sox
                        Horn Lake, MS
                        9U-A 12-11-0
                        21 North MS Patriots
                        Saltillo, MS
                        9U-A 22-16-0
                        22 Oxford Bulls
                        Oxford, MS
                        9U-A 20-20-1
                        23 River City Rage
                        Demopolis, AL
                        9U-A 19-16-0
                        24 Rockets
                        Grenada, MS
                        9U-A 11-10-1
                        25 SBG Sox Gadman
                        Ridgeland, MS
                        9U-A 12-15-1
                        26 Travelers
                        Houston, MS
                        9U-A 4-21-0
                        27 UBA 9U Kendall
                        Hernando, MS
                        9U-A 12-12-0
                        Team Division W-L-T
                        1 Canes
                        Pearl, MS
                        9U-AAA 23-15-1
                        2 Clinton Reds
                        CLINTON, MS
                        9U-AAA 22-11-1
                        3 East MS Cubs 9u
                        Meridian, MS
                        9U-AAA 43-23-2
                        4 Impact
                        Brookhaven, MS
                        9U-AAA 14-6-0
                        5 Mighty Tigers
                        MCCOMB, MS
                        9U-AAA 14-11-0
                        6 NWR WARSTIC
                        Brandon, MS
                        9U-AA 29-22-0
                        7 Simpson County Cardinals
                        Magee, MS
                        9U-AAA 28-25-1
                        8 Velo 9 RED
                        Hernando, MS
                        9U-AAA 23-2-0
                        Team Division W-L-T
                        1 Knights Knation 9U Pope/Basye
                        Madison, MS
                        9U-Major 7-4-0
                        2 Knights Knation Pope/Curro
                        Madison, MS
                        9U-Major 17-10-0
                        3 MS BULLS - 9U Caldwell
                        Hattiesburg, MS
                        9U-Major 31-10-0
                        4 Oxford Cubs
                        Oxford, MS
                        9U-Major 9-4-0
                        5 SBG Sox Johnson 9U
                        Flowood, MS
                        9U-Major 22-8-0
                        Team Division W-L-T
                        1 10u Canes MS-Breedlove
                        Brandon, MS
                        10U-AA 9-17-1
                        2 AMBUSH
                        Florence, MS
                        10U-AAA 21-12-1
                        3 Bruisers
                        Brandon, MS
                        10U-AAA 11-12-0
                        4 Greenwood Rangers
                        Greenwood, MS
                        10U-AAA 5-7-2
                        5 Knights Knation - Akins
                        Madison, MS
                        10U-AAA 15-13-0
                        6 MC Shockers
                        Madison, MS
                        10U-AAA 25-10-1
                        7 Mississippi Diamond Gloves
                        Columbus, MS
                        10U-AAA 15-6-1
                        8 Mississippi Sandlot Sluggers
                        Mathiston, MS
                        10U-AAA 20-12-0
                        9 Mississippi Twisters
                        Purvis, MS
                        10U-AAA 21-4-1
                        10 Ms Yankees 10U Silver
                        Madison, MS
                        10U-AAA 21-26-2
                        11 PSP Combat
                        Wesson, MS
                        10U-AAA 23-16-5
                        12 Queen City Bombers 10u
                        Meridian, MS
                        10U-AAA 15-7-1
                        Team Division W-L-T
                        1 Batesville Bombers 11u
                        Batesville, MS
                        11U-AA 4-3-0
                        2 Copiah Crushers
                        Crystal Springs, MS
                        11U-AAA 15-8-0
                        3 Greenwood vipers
                        Greenwood, MS
                        11U-AAA 5-5-1
                        4 Knights Knation 2029 - McCain
                        Madison, MS
                        11U-AAA 4-8-0
                        5 Madison County Thunder-ROYAL
                        Madison, MS
                        11U-AA 15-14-1
                        6 Mississippi Sixers
                        Madison, MS
                        10U-Major 18-2-0
                        7 North Mississippi Heat
                        Ackerman, MS
                        11U-AAA 21-10-1
                        8 NWR Thunder
                        Brandon, MS
                        11U-AA 11-10-1
                        9 Saltillo Storm-11U
                        Saltillo, MS
                        11U-AA 21-12-0
                        10 SBG Sox 11U - Smith
                        Jackson, MS
                        11U-AA 11-13-0
                        11 Simpson County Cardinals Nationals
                        Magee, MS
                        11U-AA 16-24-3
                        12 Starkville Sting
                        Starkville, MS
                        11U-AAA 25-8-1
                        Team Division W-L-T
                        1 CBA Reds 13U
                        Clinton, MS
                        13U-AA 10-7-0
                        2 Delta Blues
                        Greenville, MS
                        13U-AA 14-7-1
                        3 East Coast Sox - Mosley
                        Madison, MS
                        13U-AA 9-26-1
                        4 Madison Ballers
                        Madison, MS
                        13U-AA 10-8-0
                        5 Mavericks Baseball
                        Canton, MS
                        13U-AA 18-21-1
                        6 MBI Braves - Reeves
                        Pearl, MS
                        13U-AA 12-9-1
                        7 MCSZ Thunder Royal
                        Madison, MS
                        13U-A 10-15-1
                        8 Mississippi Bulls 13U-Rogers
                        Sumrall, MS
                        13U-AA 18-8-0
                        9 Mississippi Marlins
                        Brookhaven, MS
                        13U-AA 18-10-0
                        10 Mississippi Patriots
                        Brandon, MS
                        12U-AAA 15-18-2
                        11 MS Blues 13U
                        Ridgeland, MS
                        13U-AA 15-16-0
                        12 MS Yankees 13U White
                        Madison, MS
                        13U-A 14-13-1
                        13 New Albany Bulldogs White
                        New Albany, MS
                        13U-AA 21-21-2
                        14 North MS Warriors
                        Saltillo, MS
                        13U-AA 30-17-1
                        15 NWR Shockers
                        Flowood, MS
                        13U-AA 20-24-1
                        16 Oak Grove Gold
                        Hattiesburg, MS
                        13U-A 17-9-0
                        17 Pine Burr Baseball
                        Meridian, MS
                        13U-A 11-11-0
                        18 PYB Elite 13U
                        Indianola, MS
                        13U-AA 16-16-0
                        19 Rangers Baseball
                        Grenada, MS
                        13U-AA 27-16-2
                        20 SBG SOX 13u Varner
                        Ridgeland, MS
                        13U-AA 27-10-1
                        21 SBG Sox Johnson
                        Starkville, MS
                        13U-AA 17-14-0
                        22 SBG Sox Stover 13U
                        Ridgeland, MS
                        13U-AA 20-18-2
                        23 Simpson County Cardinals
                        Magee, MS
                        13U-A 5-17-0
                        24 Sluggers
                        Choctaw, MS
                        13U-AA 21-20-2
                        25 Walthall Kingz
                        Tylertown, MS
                        13U-AA 12-3-3
                        26 Warhawks Baseball Maroon
                        Brandon, MS
                        13U-AA 27-27-3
                        27 Wolfpack Baseball
                        Clinton, MS
                        13U-AA 7-11-1
                        Team Division W-L-T
                        1 Bucs Baseball Club 13u
                        Hoover, AL
                        13U-AA 11-7-0
                        2 DINGER NATION
                        NETTLETON, MS
                        13U-AAA 17-13-0
                        3 Mississippi Legends
                        Magee, MS
                        13U-AAA 3-3-0
                        4 MS Yankees 13u - Silver
                        Madison, MS
                        13U-AAA 8-1-0
                        5 MS Yankees 13U Navy
                        Madison, MS
                        13U-AAA 17-7-0
                        6 Oak Grove Black
                        Hattiesburg, MS
                        13U-AAA 15-7-0
                        7 SBG Sox 13U Bridges
                        Hattiesburg, MS
                        13U-AAA 8-1-0
                        8 SBG Sox 13U Brown
                        Madison, MS
                        13U-AAA 11-8-0
                        9 SBG Sox Mcqueen
                        Madison, MS
                        13U-AAA 12-6-0
                        10 SBG Sox Smith
                        Brandon, MS
                        13U-AAA 7-9-0
                        11 Tupelo Rangers 13U
                        Tupelo, MS
                        13U-AAA 31-8-0
                        Team Division W-L-T
                        1 CBA Mudcats
                        Clinton, MS
                        14U-AA 17-10-1
                        2 Columbus Chaos
                        Columbus, MS
                        14U-AA 16-11-1
                        3 Dawgs
                        Seminary, MS
                        14U-AA 1-6-0
                        4 Delta Heat
                        GREENWOOD, MS
                        14U-AA 8-4-0
                        5 EBC 13u-Hicks
                        New Albany, MS
                        14U-AA 3-7-0
                        6 Golden Spikes 14U-Fortenberry
                        Carthage, MS
                        14U-AA 18-16-0
                        7 Madison County Thunder - White
                        Madison, MS
                        14U-AA 17-19-1
                        8 Mississippi Chargers
                        Brandon, MS
                        14U-AA 9-19-0
                        9 Mississippi regulators
                        Clinton, MS
                        14U-AA 14-16-0
                        10 Mississippi Sting
                        Raymond, MS
                        14U-AA 1-15-0
                        11 MS Rangers-Stephens
                        Brandon, MS
                        14U-AA 6-4-0
                        12 Next Pitch
                        Columbus, MS
                        14U-AA 18-3-0
                        13 Saints Baseball
                        Ridgeland, MS
                        14U-AA 1-5-0
                        14 Sandlot Legends
                        Saltillo, MS
                        14U-AA 14-9-1
                        15 Sharks Baseball
                        Ellisville, MS
                        14U-AA 20-5-0
                        16 Wesson 13U Baseball
                        Wesson, MS
                        14U-AA 2-5-0
                        Team Division W-L-T
                        1 Central Mississippi Warriors
                        Brandon, MS
                        14U-AAA 21-23-1
                        2 Knights Knation - 2026 Victus Green
                        Madison, MS
                        14U-AAA 6-3-0
                        3 MCSZ Thunder Red
                        Madison, MS
                        14U-AAA 25-10-2
                        4 Ms Yankees 14U-Silver
                        Madison, MS
                        14U-AAA 19-13-0
                        5 NWR Mississippi Orioles
                        Flowood, MS
                        14U-AAA 9-10-1
                        6 Simpson County Cardinals 14
                        Magee, MS
                        14U-AA 18-17-1
                        7 Southern Fury
                        Decatur, MS
                        14U-AAA 9-11-0
                        8 Surge Baseball
                        ELLISVILLE, MS
                        14U-AAA 11-3-0
                        9 Tri County Cubs
                        Summit, MS
                        14U-AAA 10-1-0
                        10 Warhawks Baseball Maroon
                        Brandon, MS
                        14U-AAA 27-33-1
                        11 WTP Goats
                        Brandon, MS
                        14U-AAA 5-8-3