Grand Slam Sports Tournaments

Event Canceled

This event has been canceled due to impending weather.


Coaches & Admins, 

     Grand Slam has canceled all events for this Saturday. We tried to wait it out to see if the forecast would change, but it has not. 

     To address the Friday night question, if we can't play Saturday, playing Friday doesn't help. 

     We all know, it's possible it does nothing tomorrow. However, we can only go on what we see in front of us. As stated before the safety of the players & all involved is top priority. 

     The last thing we want to do is to start the tournament & have people pay to get in and then end up canceling. 

     Based on the forecast we would be dealing with rain, possible hail, heavy wind etc...which leads to delays and playing late into the night or having to cancel during the event. 

     We will be posting another Saturday only event to make up for this one. It will be scheduled for the first week in June. 

    We hope all of you understand & enjoy your Easter. 

Coaches & Admins, as you all know, there is stormy weather forecasted for Saturday. We are going to monitor the forecast & make a decision by 2:00 tomorrow on whether to play or cancel. 

We will cancel if we feel like we will be battling heavy ran & lightning all day. 

As of now, the forecast gets worse as the day goes. So, if we do play we will be playing on a modified schedule in order to finish before 5:00. Also, Shiloh games will move to the Quarry. 

If you have played with us long enough, you know we don't mind being creative to make sure you get games in. If we go to a modified schedule, most divisions will be on a 2 game guarantee and only top 2 teams from pool will play a championship. Or we could go 1 pool play game and single elimination.

All scenarios will be in play. This is not ideal for anyone. We want to make sure the safety of the players, coaches, fans, & our staff comes first. 

We ask that you understand & be flexible when this decision is made. We want you to get games in, but we also have to be realistic. 

If we go to a modified schedule, teams who don't get a 3rd game will receive a partial credit to the next event or you can get a cash refund for 1 game on site. 

Again, a decision on these things will be made by 2:00 on Friday. 

Welcome to He is Risen!

A Saturday Series Event 

Presented by Mpact Sports, in partnership with The Tournament Team

Don't want to miss Church on Sunday? Or have Sunday plans? Or just want a day on the weekend to do nothing? If so, Mpact Sports has you covered by providing an alternative to the weekend tournament schedules!

Mpact Sports events are Friday/Saturday only or Saturday only!


Contact Information

Jacob Mann - 601-940-7838 

Matt Hopkins - 601-709-9989

The Tournament Team - 601-732-5040 or


Game Date/Time Field Team vs Team
Game 1 4/16 10:00 AM PYBA 4 8U Canes MS - Stewart Mississippi Mustangs
Game 2 4/16 11:05 AM PYBA 4 8U Canes MS - Stewart Bandits
Game 3 4/16 12:10 PM PYBA 4 Team Egg-cellent Mississippi Mustangs
Game 4 4/16 1:15 PM PYBA 4 Team Egg-cellent Bandits
# Team W-L-T RA RD RS
8U Canes MS - Stewart 0-0-0 0 0 0
Bandits 0-0-0 0 0 0
Mississippi Mustangs 0-0-0 0 0 0
Team Egg-cellent 0-0-0 0 0 0

8U Championship Bracket 8U-AA

8U Championship Bracket
Saturday 2:20 PM
Saturday 3:25 PM
Saturday 4:30 PM
Team Division W-L-T
1 8U Canes MS - Stewart
Brandon, MS
8U-AA 10-21-0
2 Bandits
Winona, MS
8U-A 16-38-0
3 Mississippi Mustangs
Brandon, MS
8U-AA 20-15-1
4 Team Egg-cellent
Ruston, LA
8U-AA 5-2-0
Team Division W-L-T
1 Dirtbags
Magee, MS
9U-A 0-6-0
2 Golden Spikes
Vicksburg, MS
9U-A 7-19-0
3 MS Bulls- Reynolds
Hattiesburg, MS
8U-AAA 16-5-3
4 MS Giants
Forest, MS
8U-AAA 42-12-0
5 MS Yankees 9u Navy
Madison, MS
9U-A 4-31-0
6 MS Yankees 9U Silver
Madison, MS
9U-A 9-19-2
7 SBG SOX 9U Farris
Hattiesburg, MS
9U-A 2-5-0
Team Division W-L-T
1 Diamond Kings
Brandon, MS
10U-A 10-10-1
Florence, MS
10U-A 13-18-1
3 Mississippi Bears
Madison, MS
10U-A 8-14-1
4 MS Bulls-Robbins
Sumrall, MS
10U-A 5-11-2
5 Oak Grove Tigers 10U
Oak Grove, LA
10U-A 0-2-1
Team Division W-L-T
1 10u Canes MS-Breedlove
Brandon, MS
10U-AA 9-17-1
2 Clinton Reds 10U
Clinton, MS
10U-AA 9-15-0
3 Lightning Baseball 10-U
Madison Co., MS
10U-AA 12-21-2
4 MS Twins 10U
Central MS, MS
10U-AA 17-12-0
Team Division W-L-T
1 East Central Elite
Newton County, MS
11U-A 12-18-0
2 Mad Dawgs
Mathiston, MS
11U-A 14-13-1
3 MCSZ Thunder 11U - White
Madison, MS
11U-AA 15-12-1
4 MCSZ Thunder Black
Madison, MS
11U-A 3-19-0
5 MCSZ Thunder Grey
11U-A 5-11-1
6 Mississippi Warstic 11u
11U-A 5-18-2
7 Philly Sox
Philadelphia, MS
11U-A 21-13-0
8 U-town Stingers
Union, MS
11U-AA 22-17-0
Team Division W-L-T
1 11U Canes MS - Stewart
Brandon, MS
11U-AA 16-9-1
2 Express Baseball
Taylorsville, MS
11U-AA 9-5-0
3 Madison County Thunder-ROYAL
Madison, MS
11U-AA 15-14-1
4 Madison Dodgers
Madison, MS
11U-AA 19-12-2
5 MS Yankees 11U Navy
11U-A 19-18-1
6 South Rankin Raiders
Florence, MS
11U-AA 18-15-0
Team Division W-L-T
1 NWR Thunder
Brandon, MS
11U-AA 11-10-1
2 Oak grove Motivators
Hattiesburg, MS
12U-A 11-11-0
3 Renegades Baseball
Brandon, MS
11U-AA 19-21-1
4 Smith County Warriors
Taylorsville, MS
12U-A 8-7-0
Team Division W-L-T
1 Madison Astros
Madison, MS
12U-AA 16-17-0
2 Mississippi Magic
Meridian, MS
12U-AA 16-9-1
3 MS Yankees 12U - Silver
Madison, MS
12U-AA 34-28-0
4 Stingers 12U
Soso, MS
12U-AA 14-5-0
Team Division W-L-T
Central, MS
12U-AAA 10-10-0
Central, MS
12U-AAA 18-21-0
3 Jones County Havoc
Laurel, MS
13U-A 19-7-0
4 MCSZ Thunder Royal
Madison, MS
13U-A 10-15-1
5 Mississippi Red Sox
Morton, MS
13U-A 8-17-2
6 Oak Grove Gold
Hattiesburg, MS
13U-A 17-9-0
7 SBG Sox 13U Ford
Ridgeland, MS
13U-A 11-21-0
8 SBG Sox Johnson 12U
Flowood, MS
12U-AAA 9-10-0
Team Division W-L-T
1 CBA Reds 13U
Clinton, MS
13U-AA 10-7-0
2 Madison Ballers
Madison, MS
13U-AA 10-8-0
3 Mississippi Revolution
Raymond, MS
12U-AAA 13-3-1
4 MS Yankees 13U White
Madison, MS
13U-A 14-13-1
5 Simpson County Smokies
Magee, MS
13U-AA 2-4-2
6 Wolfpack Baseball
Clinton, MS
13U-AA 7-11-1
7 Yankees Elite
Jackson, MS
13U-A 0-8-1
Team Division W-L-T
1 CBA Mudcats
Clinton, MS
14U-AA 17-10-1
2 MCSZ Thunder Red
Madison, MS
14U-AAA 25-10-2
3 MS Rangers-Stephens
Brandon, MS
14U-AA 6-4-0
4 Southern Fury
Decatur, MS
14U-AAA 9-11-0
5 Team DRIP
Belzoni, MS
14U-AA 7-1-0