Grand Slam Sports Tournaments

Skills Competition Results

Skills competition results have been posted under 'Event Home' on the website. Congratulations to our winners! Winners may visit the merchandise tent at Publix Sports Park to receive their award.

Skills Competition Results

Home Run Derby

Golden Arm

Road Runner

Around the Horn

7U Champions

No Winner

Jayse Buggs

Carter Richardson

Columbus Braves

Columbus Braves

Columbus Braves

8U Champions

Luke Walton


Morgan Ledbetter

5 Star Black

Buckeye Elite

Buckeye Elite

5 Star Black

9U Champions

Cole London

Brady Rodes

Jackson St. Ann

East Side Legends

Marucci Elite Texas

GA Academy Nationals

NOLA Green Wave

10U Champions

Beckham Kielblock

Camden McGee

Keaton Nibert

Texas Alpha

Texas Alpha

Texas Alpha

Texas Alpha

11U Champions

Colton Berend

Lucas Frost

Jordan Mixon

Premier Titans

Premier Titans



12U Champions

Christian Jordan

Easton Stuckey

Dylan Bush

Carrollton Blues




13U Champions

Lucas Edmiston

Lance Kent

Gavin Maulden

East Coast Sox

Tennessee Renegades

Dirt Brothers

5 Star Mafia Alabama

14U Champions

Sawyer Gailey

Mikah Davis

Gerald Griggs

NTX Hooks

Line Drive Ramey

Mississippi Sting

NTX Hooks

Congratulations to our winners of the Skills Competition! Winners may visit the merchandise tent at Publix Sports Park to receive their award!



JUNE 26-JULY 2, 2023

Just as when you paid your team entry fee online, your team gate fee which is paid at the coaches meetings on Sunday will have a 3% service charge on all credit card payments.  Please remember, CASH or CREDIT CARD ONLY for your Team Gate Fee Payment, NO CHECKS accepted and NO exceptions!

Coaches & Team Administrators,

 A couple of final last minute reminders for all of you.....13U & 14U Schedules have been changed due a team having to drop down form 14U 60/90 to 13U 54/80.  Please check these schedules often for any further changes that may have to be made!

ONE COACHES MEETING FOR ALL TEAMS at Rockit Lanes on Sunday morning from 8:30 AM-10:00 AM!

1.  We have advertised the Coaches meetings from day #1 on our website and in emails.  A number of you have text, emailed or called saying that you would not be in attendance.  IF you are NOT going to attend, make sure you are well versed in the rules, your outstanding fees have to be paid before you take the field for your fist game, your economic impact must be completely filled out and turned in prior to you taking the field for your first game, you will NOT be able to sign up for skills competition and your merchandise pre-orders will need to be picked up at pin trading on Sunday evening.  As you can see, it is really imperative you have a team representative at the coaches meetings to handle all of these things.

2.  NO team can take the field until you have your FINAL ROSTER uploaded online, Team Gate fee is paid and Economic Impact form has been filled out entirely and turned in.....NO exceptions!

3.  For your Outstanding fees, NO CHECKS PERIOD!  NO EXCEPTIONS!  Cash or Card only.  Remember all card transactions have a 3% service charged added in just as it was for your team entry fee.  Gate fees can ONLY be paid at the Coaches meetings and NOT online!

4.  Grand Slam WILL provide TWO NEW MIZUNO baseballs per game.  As long as both teams do a good job in shagging foul balls you should be fine.  We will be selling baseballs at the merchandise tents if you need any.

5.  Live Streaming is available for games at the Publix Sports Park ONLY!  A link to subscribe by the day or the week is available at

6.  TURF shoes or TENNIS SHOWS ONLY for pitchers on the brand new mounds at the Publix Sports Park.  NO molded or cleats of ANY KIND allowed!  NO Steel spikes for ANY players at the Publix Sports Park.  Turf Shoes only for pitchers at Frank Brown Park.  All other players at Frank Brown Park can wear whatever they want in accordance to rules.

7.  Your Team Gate Fee covers ANYONE and EVERYONE ALL DAY EVERY DAY that comes to the event.  We will NOT have anyone at the gates selling tickets or checking people in.  You can come and go as you please.

8.  Skills competitions instructions are located under the documents tab on the event home page of the World Series event on the Grand Slam website.

9.  Some of you have asked about last minute Merchandise Pre-Orders.....AS LONG AS WE HAVE THEM EMAILED TO US BY NOON THIS FRIDAY, JUNE 23.......we will take them!

See everyone on Sunday morning at Rockit Lanes for the Coaches meetings, Richard Jackson Blvd., PC Beach, Florida!  Thank you and good luck this next week!

The PUBLIX SPORTS PARK, Chip Seal Parkway, Panama City Beach, Florida!


FRANK BROWN SPORTS COMPLEX, 16200 PCB Parkway, Panama City Beach, Florida

World Series Session II Schedule of Events for Sunday, June 25, 2023

8:30-10:00 AM:  Coaches Meetings for ALL teams @ Rockit Lanes, Richard Jackson Blvd., PC Beach, FL.

2:00 PM:  Opening Ceremonies Team Parade Line-Up in the parking lot behind The Grand Theater @ Pier Park

3:30 PM:  Opening Ceremonies Parade presented by Visit Panama City Beach at Pier Park

5:00-7:00 PM:  Pin Trading presented by The Trading Pin Zone at Rockit Lanes on Richard Jackson Blvd., PC Beach, FL.



1.  When does the tournament start and end?  Coaches meetings, Opening Ceremonies Parades, Pin Trading and more starts on Sunday morning June 25.  Each team will play a Pool play doubleheader on either Monday or Tuesday, June 26 or 27 with the day you don't play as your designated day off.  Double Elimination bracket play starts on Wednesday, June 28, no team is eliminated prior to Thursday, June 29 and Championship games are set for Saturday, July 1.  Sunday, July 2 is the rain date.
2.  Is the event a Stay to Play tournament?  NO, you can stay wherever you like.  We do strongly encourage you to reach out to one of our host properties to get the best rates and top notch customer service!  These properties are listed under LODGING on the event page you are signed up for.
3.  Will you have a team and individual skills competitions?  YES!  We will offer three individual competitions (HR Derby, Golden Arm & Roadrunner) as well as one team competition (Around the Horn).  See Skills under the Documents tab.
4.  When are the entry fee and team gate fees due?  Your team entry fee of $950.00 is due by April 1, 2023 or whenever the event sells out.   Your team gate fee of $850.00 is not due until the day before the event at the coaches meetings and cannot be paid prior to this.  CASH or CARD ONLY for the Gate Fee Payment, NO CHECKS please, NO exceptions due to the large number of bounced checks received in the past!
5.  Will age divisions be separated into classes?  YES, provided we have at least 10-teams in an individual class within an age division in WS I, II & III.  World Series Session IV is an open event.  14U age division is OPEN in all WS events.
6.  Do you supply baseballs?  YES, we supply two new Mizuno NFHS sanctioned baseballs per game.
7.  Will you have official World Series merchandise for sale and/or pre-order?  YES!  Pre-Order Forms will be available under the documents tab on the WS II Event home page no later than May 1, 2023.  TEAM ORDERS ONLY (no individual orders) for official World Series merchandise including Dri Fit T-Shirts, WS logo pins, WS logo pin trading towels, The Game Hats and more!  This pre-order form will be available under the documents tab to the left on this page.
8.  When will we know what park our team will be playing at?  We will not make this determination until we get closer to the event and have an idea how many teams are in each age division.  Please understand that BOTH parks are immaculate facilities.  Frank Brown Park has played host to our World Series events the past 18-years and the All turf Publix PCB Sports Complex is moving into it's 4th full year of operation.  Both parks are located off of PCB Parkway (Back Beach Road) approx. 6-miles from one another.  
9.  What rules does Grand Slam play by?  We play by National Federation High School Rules with the exceptions found under the rules link on this website.
10. Do you offer 8U CP or KP and does your 13U age division play 54/80 or 60/90?  We offer BOTH Coach Pitch and Kid Pitch for the 8U division and we offer BOTH 54/80 and 60/90 in the 13U age division.
11. Are there fields for us to practice on upon arrival?  N0!  There are NO fields available for practice.  There are plenty of batting cages available on a first come basis and both parks.  There is also a large grass area (Festival Site) at Frank Brown Park where you can hold a practice.
12. Are we allowed to bring pop up tents, coolers or outside food into the park?  NO outside food period!  Team Coolers with water for the players is allowed.  We encourage you to bring your tents and chairs as their is limited shaded areas and covered bleachers.

13. OK, we are in, how do we sign up?  Click on Sign up in the upper right hand corner of the home page at  After you have signed up, click on account and fill out the information and save.  Next click on teams, register new team, pay sanction fee and register team.  Next go to events, find the event you want to sign up for, click register, follow the prompts and you will be good to go!

If you have any further questions, please email us at
We hope you can join us at the Beach in the Summer of 2023 for arguably the Finest Youth Baseball  World Series event in the entire Country!


Game Date/Time Field Team vs Team
Game 1 6/26 8:00 AM PSP 3 8 Columbus Braves 7U 20 East Side Elite 7U
Game 2 6/26 9:15 AM PSP 3 2 Columbus Braves 7U 13 Seams 7U
Game 3 6/26 10:30 AM PSP 3 0 Seams 7U 12 East Side Elite 7U
Game 4 6/27 8:00 AM PSP 3 13 5 Star VELO - Gold 3 Buckeye Elite
Game 5 6/27 9:15 AM PSP 3 9 5 Star VELO - Gold 8 East Side Elite 8U
Game 6 6/27 10:30 AM PSP 3 14 8U Five Star Black-Regan 6 Buckeye Elite
Game 7 6/27 11:45 AM PSP 3 10 Booneville Bandits Elite 12 East Side Elite 8U
Game 8 6/27 1:00 PM PSP 3 8 8U Five Star Black-Regan 12 Booneville Bandits Elite
# Team W-L-T RA RD RS
1 East Side Elite 7U 2-0-0 8 14 20
2 5 Star VELO - Gold 2-0-0 11 8 19
3 Seams 7U 1-1-0 14 0 10
4 8U Five Star Black-Regan 1-1-0 18 3 18
5 East Side Elite 8U 1-1-0 19 1 18
6 Booneville Bandits Elite 1-1-0 20 2 20
7 Buckeye Elite 0-2-0 27 -14 9
8 Columbus Braves 7U 0-2-0 33 -14 10

The 2023 Grand Slam World Series of Baseball 7U/8U CP Division Combined Championship Bracket 8U CP

The 2023 Grand Slam World Series of Baseball 7U/8U CP Division Combined Championship Bracket
1 East Side Elite 7U 12
Wednesday 8:00 AM
8 Columbus Braves 7U 0
4 8U Five Star Black-Regan 0
Wednesday 9:15 AM
5 East Side Elite 8U 13
2 5 Star VELO - Gold 13
Wednesday 10:30 AM
7 Buckeye Elite 1
3 Seams 7U 3
Wednesday 11:45 AM
6 Booneville Bandits Elite 12
L1 Columbus Braves 7U 5
Thursday 10:30 AM
L2 8U Five Star Black-Regan 17
L3 Buckeye Elite 6
Thursday 11:45 AM
L4 Seams 7U 13
East Side Elite 7U 0
Thursday 8:00 AM
East Side Elite 8U 13
5 Star VELO - Gold 10
Thursday 9:15 AM
Booneville Bandits Elite 0
L6 Booneville Bandits Elite 4
Friday 8:00 AM
8U Five Star Black-Regan 14
L5 East Side Elite 7U 9
Friday 9:15 AM
Seams 7U 6
8U Five Star Black-Regan 10
Friday 11:45 AM
East Side Elite 7U 7
East Side Elite 8U 1
Friday 10:30 AM
5 Star VELO - Gold 9
L11 East Side Elite 8U 9
Saturday 8:00 AM
8U Five Star Black-Regan 7
5 Star VELO - Gold 9
Saturday 9:15 AM
East Side Elite 8U 2
Saturday 10:30 AM
If necessary
5 Star VELO - Gold
Team Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 5 Star VELO - Gold
Hernando, MS
8U-AAA CP 27-5-2
2 8U Five Star Black-Regan
LaGrange, GA
8U CP 4-3-0
3 Booneville Bandits Elite
Booneville, MS
8U-AA CP 28-12-0
4 Buckeye Elite
Tiffin, OH
8U-CP 0-4-0
5 Columbus Braves 7U
Columbus, MS
7U-AA 22-20-1
6 East Side Elite 7U
Marietta, GA
7U-AAA 4-2-0
7 East Side Elite 8U
Marietta, GA
8U-AA CP 4-3-0
8 Seams 7U
Knoxville, TN
7U-A 2-3-0
Team Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 9U Five Star Gold-Burnet
LaGrange, GA
9U-AA 1-4-0
2 9u Ga Nationals Goddard
Canton, GA
9U-A 1-12-0
Houston, TX
9U-AA 4-3-0
4 East Side 9U Legends
Marietta, GA
9U-A 6-2-0
5 Marucci Elite Texas-Stogner
Houston, TX
9U-AA 3-3-1
6 Memphis Tigers - Nuccio
Memphis, TN
9U-AA 6-7-0
7 NOLA Green Wave
Belle Chasse, LA
9U-AA 4-4-0
8 NWF Tropics
Panama city, FL
9U-AA 0-3-1
9 Sandlot Legends 9u Red
Vicksburg, MS
9U-A 18-10-0
Team Confirmed Division W-L-T
10U-AA 1-3-0
Houston, TX
10U-AAA 4-3-0
3 Buckeye Elite Baseball 10U AA
Tiffin, OH
10U-AA 3-4-0
4 Dinger Navy 10U AA
Nettleton, MS
10U-AA 22-22-3
5 Texas Alpha Baseball 10U AAA
Little Elm, TX
10U-AAA 5-0-0
6 Texas Edge-Justice 10U AA
Fort Worth, TX
10U-AA 2-2-0
Team Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 5-Star Tri City Tribe 11U AA
Tibbee, MS
11U-AA 19-23-0
2 AC Athletics 11U AA
Flowery Branch, GA
11U-AA 4-7-1
3 Buckhead Bucks 11U AA
Atlanta, GA
11U-AA 6-4-0
4 Five Star Black-Wofford 11U AA
LaGrange, GA
11U-AA 0-4-0
5 Flash 11U AA
Hamersville, OH
11U-AA 2-3-0
6 Greenwave 11U AA
Gulfport, MS
11U-AA 9-2-1
7 K'ZONE 11U
11U-A 21-15-1
8 M.O.B. 11U AAA
Cincinnati, OH
11U-AAA 5-2-0
9 Mambas 11U AA
Murfreesboro, TN
11U-AA 2-2-0
10 Midland Bandits Maher 11U AA
OFallon, MO
11U-AA 3-3-0
11 Oregon Park Rangers 11U AAA
Marietta, GA
11U-AAA 5-4-0
12 Premier Titans 11U AAA
Wichita Falls, TX
11U-AAA 7-3-1
13 South Ga Mariners 11U AA
Albany, GA
11U-AA 1-4-0
Team Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 12U Five Star Black-Regan
LaGrange, GA
12U-AA 5-2-0
2 Blues 12 East
Crossville, TN
12U-A 2-4-0
3 Georgia Redbirds
Jefferson, GA
12U-AA 1-13-3
4 K'ZONE 12U
12U-A 21-9-1
5 Lex Elite
Lexington, KY
12U-A 12-3-1
6 Line Drive Academy- Loggins
Cleveland, GA
12U-AA 17-18-2
7 Louisville Stars
Louisville, KY
12U-AAA 2-2-0
8 Misfits
Americus, GA
12U-AA 6-4-0
9 TIPPAH Baseball
Ripley, MS
12U-A 12-20-1
Team Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 5 Star Alabama Mafia 2028 13U AAA
Lincoln, AL
13U-AAA 12-3-0
2 5-Star Team GA Prime 13U AA
Atlanta, GA
13U-AA 3-2-0
3 5-Star Team GA Scout 13U AAA
Atlanta, GA
13U-AAA 4-2-0
4 Dirt Brothers Black 13U-AAA
Fulton, MS
13U-AAA 42-32-1
5 Eagles Baseball 13U AA
Belmont, MS
13U-AA 19-21-1
6 East Coast Sox 13U AA
Nashville, TN
13U-AA 3-3-0
7 Indy Clutch Green 13U AA
Whiteland, IN
13U-AA 0-4-0
8 LG Horns 13U AA
Lone Grove, OK
13U-AA 0-4-0
9 Midwest Astros West 13U AAA
Avon, IN
13U-AAA 7-2-0
10 Tallahassee Renegades 13U AAA
Tallahassee, FL
13U-AAA 6-0-0
11 Tennessee Renegades 13U AA
Murfreesboro, TN
13U-AA 1-3-0
12 Warhawks BB Maroon 13U AA
Flowood, MS
13U-AA 12-31-2
Team Confirmed Division W-L-T
1 Cincinnati Stix
Cincinnati, OH
14U-AAA 0-4-0
2 Line Drive Academy Gee
Cleveland, GA
14U-AA 10-10-1
3 Line Drive Academy Ramey
Cleveland, GA
14U-AAA 11-5-1
4 Mississippi Sting
Raymond, MS
14U-AA 17-31-0
5 NTX Hooks 14U
Midlothian, TX
14U-AA 2-3-0
6 Pontotoc Sluggers
Pontotoc, MS
14U-AA 13-10-1
7 South Walton Hawks 14U
Santa Rosa Beach, FL
14U-AAA 6-0-0
8 Xtreme Xposure
Martinez, GA
14U-AA 1-3-0
Title Size Modified
The 2023 Grand Slam Economic Impact Form 125.3 KB 8/15/2022 Download
2023 Grand Slam World Series Merchandise Pre-Order Form 102.9 KB 5/2/2023 Download
2023 Grand Slam World Series of Baseball Skills Competitions Rules 14.84 KB 5/16/2023 Download
Publix Sports Park Policies 1.15 MB 6/17/2023 Download
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Panama City Beach, FL 32413