Grand Slam Sports Tournaments

Weather Update 1

Here is the best we can do based on current field conditions.

11AA & 12A is canceled. Those 2 fields will not be playable today.

13AA will start at 12:30 - Everyone will play their 2 pool games and the top 2 will play a championship.

9A, 10A, 11A will start games at 12:00

7U & 8U wil start at 1:00

Gates will not open until 10:30, please do not arrive before then.

We are aware of the possible rainy weather coming in overnight in Clinton. The problem is that it is overnight & there is no way to know the conditions until early morning. We will be at the park at 6 am in the morning to evaluate. 

Three things can happen. 

1. Little to no rain and the fields are fine and we continue as planned. 

2. Fields are wet but just need some time and we push back start times. Everyone will need to be flexible in this scenario. If that is the case, that decision will be made early in the morning. Also, in this scenario, we will do what is needed to get the games in. 

3. The fields get too much water and we can't play at all. 

Please be patient and sit tight until morning. We will send a message out by 6:30 am. 

For questions during the event text 601-732-5040 (TEXT ONLY)

Please Click the link below and get familiar with Grand Slam MS Rules. These could be different than what is on the Grand Slam National Site. 

Grand Slam MS Rules - Please Click & Read

  • Event Rosters will be enforced. It's up to you to double check them & if you are having any issues you need to let us know. Players need to move from "Pending" to "approved". 
  • However, players that show as "pending" are not ineligible. 
  • We will provide baseballs for each game. However, teams need to be prepared to throw in game balls if umpire runs out until we get more. Also, teams are responsible for retrieving foul balls & returning them to the field. 
  • Gate fee is $10 daily for ages 13 & up
  • Two Day passes are $15 (Please be aware if your team has bracket games Saturday when considering the 2 Day pass - All gate fees are non-refundable)
  • Senior Citizen & Military Discount is $5 daily
  • Ages 12 & under are free
  • 9U-12U time limit is 1:20
  • 13U time limit is 1:25
  • 7U & 8U time limit is 55 minutes 
  • 9-A has a 6 run per inning limit in pool play & bracket play
  • 13U can only use -5 or -3 bats.  
  • 1st & 2nd place rings are given to championship bracket winners. Consolation Brackets do not have awards. 
  • Championship games will get preference in weather situations. 
  • DO NOT let an umpire tell you they are stopping a game within 5 minutes of the time limit. Stop the plate meeting or when you are told this immediately and call for a director. We can't help you after a game ends. 
  • Pay attention to your post game score cards before signing. When you sign you are approving the score and all pitching records. 
  • Catchers must wear a helmet that covers the ears. 
  • Protest fees are $300 cash up front no exceptions. You get this back for a successful protest. Protest must be done between the 1st pitch of the game and before the 1st pitch of the 2nd at bat of the player who is being protested. 
  • Run rules are 12 after 3 - 10 after 4 - 8 after 5
  • Extra innings - Last batter from the previous inning on 2nd base with 0 outs. 
  • 2nd Extra inning - Last 3 batters from previous inning to load the bases with 1 out. 
  • 3rd to 1st pick off is legal. 
  • Head first slides are legal to any base unless a face mask, cflap, or chin strap is being worn. First offense is team warning. 2nd offense is an out. 
  • Grand Slam plays be National Federation High School rules...with the exception of rules listed here or corporate Grand Slam. State Directors have the discretion to modify corporate rules. 
  • Always keep birth certificates on hand. Digital copies are allowed. 
  • Teams who have players that meet the grade exception (hold back) must have a progress report, report card or letter from the school confirming current grade. 
  • Coach Pitch teams get 4 free gate entries for coaches & ages 9-13 get 3. 
  • Be respectful to the gate girls, they are just doing a job. 
  • Gate fees can be paid at the gate via Venmo @GrandSlamMS or CashApp $GrandSlamMS. When doing this please enter the location of the park in the notes. 
  • Entry fee needs to be paid before your 2nd pool play game begins. 
  • Online Payment option will be turned off Friday at midnight
  • You can save on service fees & send your entry fee via Venmo @GrandSlamMS or CashApp $GrandSlamMS
  • Coaches, if we have to eject one of your spectators from the park, head coach will automatically be ejected. Any coach or fan who makes a threat to an umpire, coach, player, fan, or staff will be ban from all Grand Slam events. 

Any pattern of badgering of an umpire, other fans, coaches, players, directors, gate workers, etc...will result in being escorted from the park by local PD.  Coaches, if you put your hands on an umpire, you will be prosecuted & vice versa for umpires to coaches. Tournament Directors have the discretion to have anyone removed from the park. Gate fees are nonrefundable. 

GAME DAY TEXT LINE -  601-732-5040 

Grand Slam MS Rules - Please Click & Read

Please Click the link above and be familiar with Grand Slam MS Rules. These could be different than what is on the Grand Slam National Site. 


Game Date/Time Field Team vs Team
Game 1 4/1 1:00 PM Clinton 2 12 MEACHAM ATHLETICS ELITE 6 Sandlot Legends 7u
Game 2 4/1 2:00 PM Clinton 2 18 MEACHAM ATHLETICS ELITE 11 Knights Knation 7U McDonald
Game 3 4/1 3:00 PM Clinton 2 6 CannonBallers 20 Sandlot Legends 7u
Game 4 4/1 4:00 PM Clinton 2 17 Bulldogs 5 Knights Knation 7U McDonald
Game 5 4/1 5:00 PM Clinton 2 13 Bulldogs 1 CannonBallers
# Team W-L-T RA RD RS
1 Bulldogs 2-0-0 6 14 20
3 Sandlot Legends 7u 1-1-0 18 1 16
4 CannonBallers 0-2-0 33 -14 7
5 Knights Knation 7U McDonald 0-2-0 35 -14 15

7-A Championship Bracket 7U-A

7-A Championship Bracket
4 CannonBallers 13
Sunday 1:05 PM
Clinton 2
5 Knights Knation 7U McDonald 4
1 Bulldogs 12
Sunday 3:15 PM
Clinton 2
CannonBallers 0
Sunday 2:10 PM
Clinton 2
3 Sandlot Legends 7u 13
Bulldogs 12
Sunday 4:20 PM
Clinton 2
Team Division W-L-T
1 Bulldogs
West Monroe, LA
7U-AA 9-3-0
2 CannonBallers
Laurel, MS
7U-A 3-12-0
3 Knights Knation 7U McDonald
Madison, MS
7U-A 3-9-0
Clinton, MS
7U-A 9-22-0
5 Sandlot Legends 7u
Vicksburg, MS
7U-A 3-10-0
Team Division W-L-T
1 Bombers Baseball
Brandon, MS
8U-AA CP 18-13-0
2 Merciless Savages
Choctaw, MS
8U-A CP 2-25-0
3 MS Yankees 8u - Navy
Madison, MS
8U-AA CP 23-18-1
4 PTA Royals
Brookhaven, MS
8U-A CP 16-20-0
5 Sliderz 23
West, MS
8U-A CP 15-18-0
6 Vicksburg Elite Baseball
Vicksburg, MS
8U-A CP 11-8-0
7 WC Outlaws
Waynesboro, MS
8U-A CP 13-11-0
Team Division W-L-T
1 Brandon Muddawgs (Langley)
Brandon, MS
9U-A 19-26-2
2 Brandon Muddawgs Red (Herrod)
Brandon, MS
9U-A 20-12-1
3 CBA Reds 9U
Clinton, MS
9U-A 2-14-0
4 Central MS Stingers-Grey
9U-A 12-14-0
5 MS Cardinals
Brandon, MS
9U-A 10-16-0
6 MS Yankees 9u - Black
Madison, MS
9U-A 8-23-1
7 Tombigbee Thunder
Demopolis, AL
9U-A 8-10-0
8 Winona Bandits
Winona, MS
9U-A 11-24-1
Team Division W-L-T
1 2 Seam Brewers
Monroe, LA
10U-AA 6-5-0
2 CBA Reds
Clinton, MS
10U-A 12-13-1
3 DBA Sluggers
Magnolia, MS
10U-AA 12-9-1
4 Delta Elite Baseball
Cleveland, MS
10U-AA 14-5-2
5 Knights Knation 10U Luke
Madison, MS
10U-A 10-33-1
6 Louisiana Havok Navy
Rayville, LA
10U-A 2-13-0
Madison, MS
10U-A 3-26-3
8 Mississippi Mudcats
Vicksburg, MS
10U-A 15-16-0
9 Raptors
Brandon, MS
10U-A 12-23-0
10 Southern Slammers
Collinsville, MS
10U-A 23-21-0
Team Division W-L-T
1 BTB Rays
Magee, MS
11U-A 21-22-1
2 CBA Reds 11U
Clinton, MS
11U-A 22-10-3
3 MS Yankees 11u - White
Madison, MS
11U-A 13-24-3
4 Newton County OutKast
Decatur, MS
11U-A 16-11-2
5 North Jackson Bombers
Jackson, MS
11U-A 1-8-0
Team Division W-L-T
1 Dragon’s Baseball
Central Ms, MS
13U-AA 14-7-1
2 Knights Knation 13U Zumbro
Madison, MS
13U-AA 9-11-0
3 Mississippi Dodgers
Brandon, MS
13U-AA 6-11-1
4 Oak grove motivators
Hattiesburg, MS
13U-A 16-15-1