Grand Slam Sports Tournaments



September 1-3, 2023 at the Publix Sports Park in Panama City Beach, Florida!

Event Highlights:

*  Each Player will receive two(2) Grand Slam Future Prospects sublimated jerseys!

*  Each Player will receive a Grand Slam Cap!

*  Each player will be evaluated on Saturday and Sunday mornings!  Exit Velo off a Tee; Catchers Pop Times; Pitchers velo to home; 60-yard dash or Home to First times depending on age division; OF to 3B Arm Timed throw; INF @ SS to 1B Arm Timed throw!  

*  Each player will be put on a team of a MINIMUM of 10-players in their own age division.  * Each team will play a DH on Saturday afternoon/evening and a DH on Sunday afternoon.  Teams will have an equal number of pitchers & catchers. *Based on a minimum of 20-players in an age division.

*  Teams will be coached by current and/or former College & Pro Players and/or coaches! 

This is a great way to jump start your NEW Fall season for your player or your team!  

*  Cost for The Grand Slam Future Prospects Winter Games is only $400 per player.

Here are some FAQ's:

1.  Can anyone sign up?  YES, anyone can sign up!

2.  How are teams formed?  Once we get all the players registered, we will divide the players into teams with each team having an equal number of pitchers & catchers.

3.  Can I request to be on a team with a friend/teammate of mine?  Sure but understand we CANNOT guarantee this due to number of players in a particular age division and positions!

4.  What happens if we have bad weather or we can't attend?  IF we have to reschedule the event, we will offer a FULL credit for each player to attend a future Grand Slam Future Prospects Games event.  If you are unable to attend and pre-pay, we will offer you a full credit to a future Grand Slam Future Prospects event as this is a no refund event due to upfront costs of jerseys, hats, baseballs, insurance, field rentals, umpires, special guests, rooms, etc...

5.  What age division do I sign my player up for?  You will sign up in the age division that your player is for the 2023/2024 season.

6.  What if my son's age division does not make?  The short answer is I don't anticipate that happening BUT if it does, we will combine the 7's with the 8's; 9's with the 10's, 11's with the 12's and 14's with the 15's.  The 13U 54/80 will be separate and 13U 60/90 players will be able to play up in the 14U division if necessary

7.  Can all of my players on our travel team be placed on the same team for this event?  If requested we will attempt to honor your request, however, we also want these players to be paired with players from other parts of the Country in this Spring Training type of event which I think will be fun for everyone

8.  Will there be brackets, champions or awards/rings?  NO!  This is NOT a typical tournament where you are playing for points, championships and rings.  This event is intended to be a totally different experience for your player than the normal weekend tournament.  We want to expose these players to other players their same age from other parts of the Country.  We also want them to get instruction from the former Collegiate and/or Professional players and coaches who will be coaching each team.  Finally, we want this event to be a measuring stick for where your player is at this point in his baseball career and leave knowing what to work on to get better as well as having a great experience like no other!

9.  Schedule of events:  TO BE POSTED AT A LATER DATE!

For more information, contact Grand Slam Corporate at

Player City/State Age
Player City/State Age
Player City/State Age
Player City/State Age
1 Blaine Waldron Reddick, FL 9 and 5 months
2 Brandon Luffman Sparr, FL 9 and 5 months
3 Carson Erickson 2555 NE 49th street, FL 8 and 4 months
4 CJ Rivera Ocala, FL 7 and 6 months
5 David Williams Santa Rosa Beach, FL 8 and 6 months
6 Grayson Watson Marianna, FL 9 and 5 months
7 Taylar Moore Connersville, IN 9 and 3 months
Player City/State Age
1 Cash Courtright Ocala, FL 8 and 10 months
2 Hudson O'Dell Perry, GA 9 and 1 month
Player City/State Age
Player City/State Age
Player City/State Age
1 Maddox O'Dell Perry, GA 12 and 2 months
Player City/State Age
1 Carson Elkins MS 13 and 6 months
Player City/State Age
16200 Panama City Beach Parkway
Panama City Beach, FL 32413