Grand Slam Sports Tournaments

Event Info

Please make sure to read the event info on the Event Home Page or check with your coaches about our policies.

Game Day Text Line - 601-732-5040 - This is a text only line! Text it for your game day questions!

Good luck & thank you for playing Grand Slam!

We look forward to hosting your team this Saturday. Please read the following closely & pass along to your followers. 

Coaches, please make sure your coaches & followers are aware of the following. 

  • Grand Slam has a standard of conduct policy that is very high. Despite what may or may not be allowed with other organizations, please note the following. 

  • A pattern of badgering the umpire, coaches, players, other fans, directors, etc…will NOT be tolerated. 

  • There is NO warnings. If this is observed by an umpire or director, you will be escorted from the park by the Magee Police Department. 

  • Coaches, if we have to eject one of your fans from the park, the Head Coach from that team will also be ejected from the game. NO exceptions. 

  • Cussing from a fan or coach is an automatic ejection. 

  • Coaches or spectators, if you put your hands on an umpire, director, or other patron of the park, you WILL be prosecuted. Same goes for umpires & directors. 

  • Please don’t put us in a situation to enforce our conduct policy. 

  • Please enjoy yourself & help us make this a great event for the players. 

Game Day Text Line - 601-732-5040 - This is a text only line! Text it for your game day questions! 

Rules of Note

Gate Fee 

$10 for ages 13 & up. 

$5 for Senior Citizens and Military 

Time limit 

Pool Play  is 60 minutes

Bracket Play is 70 minutes

Run rule 

12 after 3, 10 after 4, 8 after 5

Courtesy Runner must be used before the next pitch. 

Tie Breaker 

1st inning is a runner on 2nd base with no outs. The runner will be the last batter from the previous inning. 

2nd inning and on will be bases loaded with 1 out. The 3 runners will be the last 3 batters from the previous inning. 

No courtesy runners in extra innings

You can not intentionally walk a batter in coach pitch. 

DP Flex is in use

Entry Fee

Checks are to be made out to Triple Play Sports

8U is $150

10U is $200

Entry fee must be paid before the second pool game. 

Directions to Magee Sports Complex

Also, make sure to sign up for game notifications on the event page of our website. 

First Responder Tribute

Welcome to Grand Slam MS Softball!

We are your premier host for travel softball events in MS!

Sanction your team with Grand Slam for only $45

Welcome to our First Responders Tribute! 
Special recognition of First Responders before the first game! 

  • This is a NO pay at the plate! 
  • Saturday Only Event! 
  • 2 Pool Game into Single Elimination! 
  • Custom First Responder Rings for 1st & 2nd place! 
  • On site directors!
  • Best rings in the business! 
  • Come let us show your teams some love as we pay tribute to First Responders!!

Below are the team entry fees for this event! 

  • 8U - $150 (No pay @ the plate)
  • 10U - $200 (No pay @ the plate)

Contact Kacy Fuller at or 601-757-5028 


Game Date/Time Field Team vs Team
Game 1 9/10 11:00 AM Magee Sports Complex 8 8 MS Knights Knation 8U 18 Rampage 2014
Game 2 9/10 12:15 PM Magee Sports Complex 8 13 MS Knights Knation 8U 1 MS Sirens
Game 3 9/10 1:30 PM Magee Sports Complex 8 0 Yazoo Dirt Divas 16 Rampage 2014
Game 4 9/10 2:45 PM Magee Sports Complex 8 11 Yazoo Dirt Divas 17 MS Sirens
# Team W-L-T RA RD RS
1 Rampage 2014 2-0-0 8 14 20
2 MS Knights Knation 8U 1-1-0 19 0 18
3 MS Sirens 1-1-0 24 -1 11
4 Yazoo Dirt Divas 0-2-0 33 -13 10

8U Championship 8U-OPEN

8U Championship
1 Rampage 2014 12
Saturday 3:50 PM
Magee Sports Complex 8
4 Yazoo Dirt Divas 0
2 MS Knights Knation 8U 17
Saturday 5:15 PM
Magee Sports Complex 8
3 MS Sirens 5
Rampage 2014 15
Saturday 6:40 PM
Magee Sports Complex 8
MS Knights Knation 8U 10
Rampage 2014
Team Division W-L-T
1 MS Knights Knation 8U
Gluckstadt, MS
8U-C 6-4-0
2 MS Sirens
Sumrall, MS
8U-C 1-5-0
3 Rampage 2014
Flowood, MS
8U-C 4-0-0
4 Yazoo Dirt Divas
Yazoo City, MS
8U-C 0-3-0
Team Division W-L-T
1 29ers
10U-B 4-0-0
2 Impulse 10U
Sumrall, MS
10U-C 0-3-0
3 Mississippi Stars 12
Madison, MS
10U-B 3-1-0
4 MS Elite 2012 - Reese
Brandon, MS
10U-B 5-6-0
5 MS Lightning 2012
Florence, MS
10U-C 2-1-0
6 MS Rampage 12
Brandon, MS
10U-B 3-1-0
7 SSG Jackson Sox-10U
Madison, MS
10U-C 3-6-0
8 WEMO Ambush
Mobile, AL
9U-C 2-5-0
9 Yazoo Sassy Cats
Yazoo City, MS
10U-C 6-5-0