Resort Quest

How to Register

1: Click 'Login' at the top left corner of the site and select if you are registering as a team or an umpire.

2: Fill out the required information on the following page and submit - you are now logged in and registered.

3: Click 'Register a New Team' in the top right to register a team, and fill out the required information.

4: After signing up a team, you must then pay to sanction that team. After you've paid your sanction fee the team has successfully been sanctioned.

5: Now you can go in and sign up for a tournament. Click on Tournaments and find the event you want to sign up for, click register and you are good! Note, for CORPORATE events like the Panama City Beach, Florida World Series, all other PC Beach events and select GEORGIA events being hosted by the Corporate office, you have to click on CORPORATE Tournaments and they won’t appear in the individual states list of tournaments.

Need Insurance?

Do you have team insurance yet? A team insurance policy is required to play in all Grand Slam events. Our team insurance policy is ALSO accepted by ALL other travel baseball organizations and if you already have team insurance from another organization, that will suffice for Grand Slam. Click here to purchase your team insurance or get additional Insured Certificates.

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Why your team should sign up for the 2016
Grand Slam World Series of Baseball in Panama City Beach, Florida

5/28/2016 12:00:00 AM