Grand Slam Sports Tournaments

Rain Delay

Update at 3:10.

Annddd just like that it rained more in Brookhaven. Unfortunately the fields will not be playable & the event has been postponed.

Several coaches did not pick up their team arm bands for the Expo that is going on. They encourage you guys to get your armbands & enjoy the expo that is going on.

Thank you.

This will a BIG day at the Lincoln Civic Center Baseball Complex.

The Wildlife and Outdoor Expo will also be taking place in the Multi Purpose Building adjacent to the baseball complex. All things related to hunting, fishing, camping, and other outdoor activities will be on display.  Pig chasing for kids, bow shooting contest, and more! Fun for the entire family!!

Please call Gerri Miller for more information. 601-624-2799

Welcome Baseball Expo in Brookhaven 

For questions during the event text 601-732-5040 (TEXT ONLY)

  • Rosters will be enforced. Players should not be pending, they need to be approved. 
  • Be prepared to play 15 minutes after previous game ends. 
  • Gate fees are $10
  • Please wear your arm bands
  • 10U-12U is 1:20 time limit
  • 13U 1:30 is 1:20 time limit
  • Pitching rules for a 1 day event is 6 innings for ages 9-12 and 8 innings for 13U
  • DO NOT let an umpire tell you they are stopping a game within 5 minutes of the time limit. Stop the plate meeting or when you are told this immediately and call for a director. 
  • Pay attention to your post game score cards before signing. 
  • Catchers must wear a one piece helmet. 
  • Protest fees are $300 cash up front no exceptions. You get this back for a successful protest. Protest must be done between the 1st pitch & last pitch and it is encouraged to do as early as possible if you think you will be protesting. 
  • Run rules are 12 after 3 - 10 after 4 - 8 after 5
  • Extra innings - Last batter from the previous inning on 2nd base with 0 outs. 
  • 2nd Extra inning - Last 3 batters from previous inning to load the bases with 1 out. 
  • 3rd to 1st pick off is legal. 
  • Head first slides are legal to any base unless a face mask, jaw protector or chin strap is being worn. This only applies to a base a runner is advancing to, not returning. If you slide head first while wearing any of the above, the 1st infraction is a team warning, the next violation is an out. 
  • Grand Slam plays be National Federation High School rules...with the exception of rules listed here or corporate Grand Slam. State Directors have the discretion to modify corporate rules. 

Coaches, if we have to remove one of your fans from the complex, the head coach will also be ejected for that game. Fan will not be allowed to return for that event. 

Any pattern of badgering of an umpire, other fans, coaches, players, directors, gate workers, etc...will result in being escorted from the park by the local PD.  Coaches, if you put your hands on an umpire, you will be prosecuted & vice versa for umpires to coaches. Tournament Directors have the discretion to have anyone removed from the park. Gate fees are nonrefundable. 

Directors are on site...if you have issues or rule interpretations, stop the game and call for a director. We can't help you after the game ends. 

Site Director will be Greg McBride. 601-604-7682


Game Date/Time Field Team vs Team
Game 1 8/20 9:00 AM LCC 1 22 Lincoln Patriots 0 MS Elite
Game 2 8/20 10:40 AM LCC 1 23 Lincoln Patriots 0 Bad News Barristers
Game 3 8/20 12:20 PM LCC 1 Arsenal MS Elite
Game 4 8/20 2:00 PM LCC 1 Arsenal Bad News Barristers
# Team W-L-T RA RD RS
1 Lincoln Patriots 2-0-0 0 14 20
2 Arsenal 0-0-0 0 0 0
3 MS Elite 0-1-0 22 -7 0
4 Bad News Barristers 0-1-0 23 -7 0

10U Championship 10U-A

10U Championship
Saturday 3:40 PM
Saturday 5:20 PM
Saturday 7:00 PM

Bad News Barristers

# Player 1
2 Total
16 Faust, Daxton 0.1 0.1
3 McCullum, JaColby 1.0 1.0
Total 1.1 1.1

Lincoln Patriots

# Player 1
9 Goldsmith, Reed 1.0 1.0
25 Haralson, Jayse 1.0 1.0
14 Smith, Griffin 1.0 1.0
1 Smith, Sawyer 1.0 1.0
Total 2.0 2.0 4.0

MS Elite

# Player 1
2 Total
12 Hudson, Kiptyn 1.0 1.0
02 Ritchie, Stephen 1.0 1.0
Total 2.0 2.0
Team Division W-L-T
1 Arsenal
Brandon, MS
10U-AA 18-21-0
2 Bad News Barristers
Monticello, MS
10U-A 1-23-0
3 Lincoln Patriots
Brookhaven, MS
10U-AA 18-8-0
4 MS Elite
Brookhaven, MS
10U-A 2-6-0
Team Division W-L-T
1 10U Canes MS Bell
Pearl, MS
10U-AA 15-22-1
2 Bad News Barristers
Monticello, MS
11U-A 7-29-0
3 Brandon Muddawgs 11U
Brandon, MS
11U-A 5-25-3
4 ESA-Williams
Mccomb, MS
11U-AA 12-13-0
5 LA Hustlers
Vidalia, LA
11U-A 4-3-0
6 Sluggers Baseball
Laurel, MS
11U-A 11-14-2
Team Division W-L-T
1 Arsenal
Brandon, MS
12U-A 10-20-1
2 Bayou Braves
Biloxi, MS
12U-AA 3-2-0
3 Copiah Crushers
Crystal Springs, MS
12U-AAA 25-13-1
4 Dominators
Franklinton, LA
12U-A 1-2-0
5 ESA 14u-Jones
McComb, MS
14U-AA 6-7-1
6 Lincoln Dirt Dawgs
Bogue Chitto, MS
12U-A 18-15-1
Team Division W-L-T
1 ESA 13u- Jones
McComb, MS
13U-AA 4-2-0
2 Mississippi Dodgers
Brandon, MS
13U-AA 6-11-1
3 Oak grove motivators
Hattiesburg, MS
13U-A 16-15-1
4 Pearl River Mudcats
Monticello, MS
13U-AA 21-16-0