Grand Slam Sports Tournaments

This tournament is for ages 7U to 14U and will be played in Centreville and Tuscaloosa.

Skills competition and OPENING Ceremonies Friday night. Braves autographs along with Braves swag Friday night!

Medals and trophies will be awarded to 1st and 2nd place teams.

7U and 8U coach pitch are SATURDAY ONLY!

ALL teams need to supply two new baseballs at the beginning of each game. If you need to purchase a dozen Rawlings R100 baseballs, you can reserve them by Venmo @grandslambaseballAL for $65 per dozen.

Team payments MUST be paid on the website by May 16th to be included in the schedule.

Tournament rules

  • Be prepared to play 15 minutes after previous game ends. 
  • Grand Slam will provide 2 game balls for each games. Teams need to supply two new baseballs at the plate meeting and be prepared to throw in game conditioned game balls afterwards. Help retrieve foul balls.  Rawlings R100 baseballs can be purchased by Venmo @grandslambaseballAL for $65
  • Gate fees are $10/daily or $15 for a two day pass for ages 12 & up. 
  • All gate fees are non refundable. 
  • 13U can only use -5 or -3 bats.  
  • 9U-12U pitching is 8 innings for the weekend. No Daily Limit ....13U and older is 10 innings for the weekend. No daily limits. 
  • Time limits are announced at the plate meeting.
  • If there is a discrepancy in the time limit, ask the umpire to stop the clock and call for a director or UIC immediately. This MUST be resolved before teams leave the field!
  • Pay attention to your post game score cards and innings pitched for your pitchers before signing the game card. Make sure score is correct! 
  • Catchers must wear a one piece helmet. 
  • Protest fees are $300 cash up front no exceptions. You get this back for a successful protest. Protest must be done between the 1st pitch & last pitch and it is encouraged to do as early as possible if you think you will be protesting. Protest must be done during the game. 
  • Run rules are 12 after 3 - 10 after 4 - 8 after 5
  • Extra innings - Last batted out from the previous inning on 2nd base with 0 outs. 
  • 2nd Extra inning - Last 2 batted outs from previous inning to be put on second and third with 1 out. 
  • Head first slides are legal to any base unless a face mask, jaw flap, or chin strap is worn. 1st offense is a warning, next offense is an out. 
  • Grand Slam plays by National Federation High School rules...with the exception of rules listed on the back of the score card or corporate Grand Slam website. State Directors have the discretion to modify corporate rules. 
  • Teams get 3 passes for coaches. Please discuss with your staff what names will be submitted so there is no confusion at the gate. There will be a team list at each gate...once that team's spots are full that will be all. Coaches will receive arm bands and they must be worn for the weekend. 
  • Make checks out to "Grand Slam Alabama" and pay your field director no later than start of 2nd pool play game. You can also pay on the website or Venmo @grandslambaseballAL 2nd Pool Play game will NOT start until entry fee is paid. 
  • There is a director at every tournament site. If you have an issue, stop the game and call for a director. We can't help you after the game is over. 
  • Be respectful to the gate workers. 


Game Date/Time Field Team vs Team
Game 1 5/20 10:30 AM Stewart Wheeler Park Jones 11 Alabama Hotshots 7U 3 SBG Sox BHM 7U
Game 2 5/20 10:30 AM Stewart Wheeler Park BURKES 13 Hooligans 0 Warrior Baseball 7U
Game 3 5/20 12:00 PM Stewart Wheeler Park Jones 4 Alabama Hotshots 7U 12 AL Bandits
Game 4 5/20 12:00 PM Stewart Wheeler Park BURKES 11 Trussville Diamond Dawgs 7U 3 SBG Sox BHM 7U
Game 5 5/20 1:30 PM Stewart Wheeler Park Jones 3 AL Bandits 4 Hooligans
Game 6 5/20 1:30 PM Stewart Wheeler Park BURKES 14 Trussville Diamond Dawgs 7U 4 Warrior Baseball 7U
# Team W-L-T RA RD RS
1 Hooligans 2-0-0 3 8 14
2 Trussville Diamond Dawgs 7U 2-0-0 7 14 20
3 AL Bandits 1-1-0 8 6 13
4 Alabama Hotshots 7U 1-1-0 15 0 14
5 SBG Sox BHM 7U 0-2-0 22 -14 6
6 Warrior Baseball 7U 0-2-0 27 -14 4

Gold 7U

4 Alabama Hotshots 7U 16
Saturday 3:00 PM
Stewart Wheeler Park Jones
5 SBG Sox BHM 7U 8
3 AL Bandits 11
Saturday 3:00 PM
Stewart Wheeler Park BURKES
6 Warrior Baseball 7U 1
1 Hooligans 7
Saturday 4:30 PM
Stewart Wheeler Park Jones
Alabama Hotshots 7U 4
2 Trussville Diamond Dawgs 7U 7
Saturday 4:30 PM
Stewart Wheeler Park BURKES
AL Bandits 4
Hooligans 7
Saturday 6:00 PM
Stewart Wheeler Park Jones
Trussville Diamond Dawgs 7U 7
Team Division W-L-T
1 AL Bandits
Huntsville, AL
7U-AA 5-2-1
2 Alabama Hotshots 7U
Hoover, AL
7U-A 10-5-0
3 Hooligans
Hoover, AL
7U-A 4-3-1
4 SBG Sox BHM 7U
Birmingham, AL
7U-A 4-12-0
5 Trussville Diamond Dawgs 7U
Trussville, AL
7U-AA 8-1-2
6 Warrior Baseball 7U
Alabaster, AL
7U-A 2-14-0
Team Division W-L-T
1 5Star Legends
Albertville, AL
8U-A CP 0-3-0
2 Dirty South
Clanton, AL
8U-A CP 16-6-1
3 Druid City Stix
Northport, AL
8U-A CP 15-9-1
4 Mad City
Madison, AL
8U-AA CP 1-2-0
5 MAFIA 8u Black
Mount Olive, AL
8U-A CP 17-5-1
6 Northport Hammerheads
Northport, AL
8U-A CP 16-5-1
7 Select Baseball
Birmingham, AL
8U-A CP 26-9-1
8 tuscaloosa county lookouts
tuscaloosa, AL
8U-AA CP 12-8-1
Team Division W-L-T
1 2014 Warrior Baseball
Alabaster, AL
8U-A CP 18-13-0
2 5 Star Bandits
Birmingham, AL
8U-A CP 2-22-0
3 Alabama Elite
McCalla, AL
8U-A CP 8-15-1
4 Chilton Crushers
Thorsby, AL
8U-A CP 2-12-0
5 East Coast Sox 8U
Tuscaloosa, AL
8U-A CP 23-17-0
6 Spartans
Mountain Brook, AL
8U-A CP 13-3-0
7 Sumter
Livingston, AL
8U-AS CP 3-1-0
8 VBA 8u Black
Huntsville, AL
8U-A CP 2-2-0
9 Vestavia Gray
Vestavia Hills, AL
8U-A CP 7-6-0
10 Available
Team Division W-L-T
1 Alabaster Baseball Club
Alabaster, AL
9U-AA 4-6-0
Hoover, AL
9U-AA 15-6-0
3 Chiefs Baseball
Tuscaloosa, AL
9U-AA 10-9-1
4 Mountain Brook Spartans
9U-AAA 3-4-0
5 Tuscaloosa Batmen
9U-AA 13-3-0
6 Tuscaloosa Renegades
Tuscaloosa, AL
9U-AA 2-13-1
7 VBA 9u Black
Huntsville, AL
9U-AA 7-3-0
Team Division W-L-T
1 10u Knights South Marucci
Huntsville, AL
10U-AA 5-0-0
Hoover, AL
10U-AA 5-4-0
3 Maximum Exposure 10U
Calera, AL
10U-A 16-19-0
4 River City Rage
Livingston, AL
10U-AA 34-18-1
5 SBG Sox BHM 10U Hood
Hoover, AL
10U-A 11-16-0
6 SBG Sox BHM 10U Reimers
Birmingham, AL
10U-A 8-15-1
7 Strikers
Pisgah, AL
10U-AA 13-7-0
8 Stripes Baseball
10U-AA 11-10-0
Team Division W-L-T
1 Black Warrior Brewers
Coker, AL
11U-AA 17-5-0
2 DC Patriots
Tuscaloosa, AL
11U-AA 21-9-1
3 Five Star National West
Northport, AL
10U-AAA 19-3-0
4 HBC 11u Elite
Trussville, AL
11U-AA 2-2-0
5 Hits
Athens, AL
11U-A 0-3-0
6 Maximum Exposure 11u
Tuscaloosa, AL
11U-A 0-3-0
7 Mississippi Diamond Gloves
Caledonia, MS
11U-AAA 5-6-0
8 Valor 11u
Northport, AL
11U-A 13-3-0
Team Division W-L-T
1 Outlaws
Sylacauga, AL
12U-AA 12-9-0
2 SBG Sox BHM 12U
Birmingham, AL
12U-A 14-20-0
3 Vestavia Force
Vestavia Hills, AL
12U-A 1-3-0
4 Vipers
Prattville, AL
12U-AA 16-8-1
5 Available