Grand Slam Sports Tournaments

Points Formula

The Race for the Cup awards teams points based on their results from Grand Slam sanctioned events. Each year Grand Slam awards a Cup to the team who amasses the most points in each age division and in each state. Here is how the points are awarded:

  • 1 point for each event played
  • Points earned for place finished, in reverse order (Ex: In a 12-team event, the 12th place team gets 1-point, 11th place 2-points, 10th place 3-points, etc
    • +3 bonus points for finishing 1st
    • +2 bonus points for finishing 2nd
    • +1 bonus point for finishing 3rd
    • +1 bonus point for finishing 4th
  • 5 bonus points once your team has played in 5 Grand Slam sanctioned events.

Some events offer DOUBLE or TRIPLE points. Bonus points earned for playing in 5 Grand Slam sanctioned events are not inlcuded in the points multiplier.


10 & Under All Star

Rank Team Record Win % Points
1 Valor (10U-AS)
Birmingham, AL
4-1-0 .800 17
2 DeKalb Tigers (10U-AS)
Smithville, TN
3-1-0 .750 16
3 East Side Chargers (10U-AS)
Marietta, GA
3-4-0 .429 13
4 Dacula (10U-AS)
Dacula, GA
0-2-0 .000 4
5 Young Naturals (10U-AS)
Alexander city, AL
0-3-0 .000 2
6 Dacula Allstars (10U-AS)
Dacula, GA
0-0-0 .000
6 Emerald Coast Marlins (10U-AS)
Panama City Beach, FL
0-0-0 .000
6 Emerald Coast Marlins (10U-AS)
Panama City Beach, FL
0-0-0 .000