Grand Slam Sports Tournaments


PCBSC 6:30 pm:

- The 12U National 8:00 PM game originally scheduled for PCBSC on Friday will now be played on Saturday at 8:00 AM. All subsequent games there after for 12UN will be pushed back 1 game.


Skills Competition Results

Home Run Derby

Golden Arm

Road Runner

Around the Horn

8U Champions

Noah Shows

Jace Munson

Ryland Alexander (14.84)

LA Nationals (25.22)

Team Name


LA Nationals


9U Champions

Jax Odell

Remi Harrison

Zach Rush (15.12)

South Walton Hawks (24.03)

Team Name

South Walton Hawks

Newton Cubs

Newton Cubs

10U Champions

Landon Spain

Trey Manning

Ayden Poole (13.45)

Coamo Legends (20.87)

Team Name

Full Count

Full Count

Newton Cubs

11U Champions

Ryan Lawing

Jaxon Ogg

Christian Harris (12.50)

Titans Blue (21.34)

Team Name

Sharon Springs Spartans

Georgia Tigers


12U Champions

Luke Deitchman

Lane Fouriner

Jaeden Hill (12.55)

Franklin Bombers (15.58)

Team Name

KNG Wild Things

Middle Tennessee Vols

Dinger Nation

13U Champions

Evan Kirby

Ty Taylor

Gavin Strange (11.82)

Klutch (14.94)

Team Name

Five Star


Process Driven Baseball

14U Champions

Thomas Saucedo

Augie Olson

Boston Knowles (12.10)

EE Stix (13.78)

Team Name

Texas Momentum

Five - O's

EE Stix

Congratulations to all of our winners! Please visit the Grand Slam merchandise tent at Panama City Beach Sports Complex to receive your award.



June 28-July 4, 2021

@ The PCB Sports Complex on Chip Seal Parkway & Frank Brown Park, PCB Parkway, Panama CIty Beach, Florida!  After opening up the event to take more 12U & 13U teams due to high demand, we had to open this event up to being played at BOTH The PC Beach Sports Complex AND Frank Brown Park.


World Series Session III Sunday, June 27, 2021 Schedule of Events

8:30-10:00 AM:  Coaches Meetings for 8U, 9U, 10U & 11U teams @ Rockit Lanes, Richard Jackson Blvd., PC Beach, FL.

10:00-11:30 AM:  Coaches Meetings for 12U, 13U & 14U teams @ Rockit Lanes, Richard Jackson Blvd., PC Beach, FL.

3:00 PM:  Opening Ceremonies Team Parade Line-Up in the parking lot behind Dillard's @ Pier Park

3:45 PM:  Opening Ceremonies Team Parade (Parents need to make their way down Pier Park's main street for best viewing.  Stage will be set up in front of the Croc's Store where teams will stop for introductions.  In the event of weather delays, please check this page for updates.

5:00-7:00 PM:  Pin Trading presented by The Trading Pin Zone at Rockit Lanes on Richard Jackson Blvd., PC Beach, FL.


**** SKILLS COMPETITIONS will be held on Monday and Tuesday from 9:00 AM-2:00 PM at Frank Brown Park on TBA fields.  Teams will sign up for specific times at the Coaches meetings.  Skills Competitions Instructions will be posted under DOCUMENTS by Friday, May 14, 2021.

Official World Series Merchandise Pre-Order Forms at now posted under the documents tab.

Here are some frequently asked questions about our Grand Slam World Series of Baseball event.....

1.  When does the tournament start and end?  Coaches meetings, Opening Ceremonies Parades, Pin Trading and more starts on Sunday morning June 27.  Exact schedule of events will be posted here as we get closer to the event.  Each team will play a Pool play doubleheader on either Monday or Tuesday, June 28 or 29 with the day you don't play as your designated day off.  Double Elimination bracket play starts on Wednesday, June 30, no team is eliminated prior to Thursday, July 1 and Championship games are set for Saturday, July 3.  Sunday, July 4 is the rain date.
2.  Is the event a Stay to Play tournament?  NO, you can stay wherever you like.  We do strongly encourage you to reach out to one of our host properties to get the best rates and top notch customer service!
3.  Will you have a team and individual skills competitions?  YES!  We will offer three individual competitions (HR Derby, Golden Arm & Roadrunner) as well as one team competition (Around the Horn).  Details on these events and time of when they will be held will be posted here as we get closer to the event.
4.  When are the entry fee and team gate fees due?  Your team entry fee is due NOW.  Your team gate fee is not due until the day before the event at the coaches meetings.
5.  Will age divisions be separated into classes?  YES!  As long as we have at least 8-teams in a particular class we will separate.  We typically separate into Rookie/American and National/Elite.  In some occasions we will have three separate classes if possible.  We will begin to separate into classes once an age division sells out.  Final classifications are not determined until a week prior to the event.  Each Grand Slam State Director will class teams from their respective States.  Teams from states that do not have a Grand Slam State Director are classed on an equal level as they are with other travel baseball organizations.
6.  Do we have to qualify to play in this event?  Depends!  If you team is based out of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, South Tennessee, Florida Panhandle or East must play in any FOUR Sanctioned Grand Slam events.  EVERY event listed under Events on this website is considered a qualifier.  If your team is based in any State other than the aforementioned then you do NOT have to qualify and sign up on a first come basis.
7.  Will you have official World Series merchandise for sale and/or pre-order?  YES!  We will have pre-order forms available by May 1, 2021 so that teams can play TEAM ORDERS ONLY (no individual orders) for official World Series merchandise including Dri Fit T-Shirts, WS logo pins, WS logo pin trading towels, The Game Hats and more!  This pre-order form will be available under the documents tab to the left on this page.
8.  When will we know what park our team will be playing at?  We will not make this determination until we get closer to the event and have an idea as to how many teams are in each age division.  Please understand that BOTH parks are immaculate facilities.  Frank Brown Park has played host to our World Series events the past 16-years and the All turf PCB Sports Complex is moving into it's 2nd full year of operation.  Both parks are located off of PCB Parkway (Back Beach Road) approx. 6-miles from one another.  This particular WS Event will be played EXCLUSIVELY at the PCB Sports Complex.
9.  What rules does Grand Slam play by?  We play by National Federation High School Rules with the exceptions found under the rules link on this website.
10. Do you offer 8U CP or KP and does your 13U age division play 54/80 or 60/90?  We offer BOTH Coach Pitch and Kid Pitch for the 8U division and we offer BOTH 54/80 and 60/90 in the 13U age division.  You sign up as an open team in both 8U and 13U and on May 1 we will reach out and determine where each registered team wants to play.
11. OK, we are in, how do we sign up?  Click on Sign up in the upper right hand corner of the home page at  After you have signed up, click on account and fill out the information and save.  Next click on teams, register new team, pay sanction fee and register team.  Next go to events, find the event you want to sign up for, click register, follow the prompts and you will be good to go!

If you have any further questions, please email us at
We hope you can join us at the Beach this Summer for arguably the Finest Youth Baseball  World Series event in the entire Country!


Game Date/Time Field Team vs Team
Game 1 6/28 8:00 AM Frank Brown Park FBP 5 0 Alabama 9 Spikes / 8U 13 Carrollton Boosters 8U Blue
Game 2 6/28 9:30 AM Frank Brown Park FBP 5 1 Alabama 9 Spikes / 8U 11 Mad Dawgs
Game 3 6/28 11:00 AM Frank Brown Park FBP 5 14 Carrollton Boosters 8U Blue 3 Stix 8U
Game 4 6/28 12:30 PM Frank Brown Park FBP 5 12 Mad Dawgs 1 Stix 8U
Game 5 6/29 8:00 AM Frank Brown Park FBP 5 6 LA Nationals 5 Locos Baseball
Game 6 6/29 9:30 AM Frank Brown Park FBP 5 13 LA Nationals 12 MAFIA 8u Black
Game 7 6/29 11:00 AM Frank Brown Park FBP 5 22 Locos Baseball 9 RIPZZ Baseball Academy
Game 8 6/29 4:00 PM Frank Brown Park FBP 5 7 MAFIA 8u Black 4 RIPZZ Baseball Academy
# Team W-L-T RA RD RS
1 Mad Dawgs 2-0-0 2 14 20
2 Carrollton Boosters 8U Blue 2-0-0 3 14 20
3 LA Nationals 2-0-0 17 2 16
4 Locos Baseball 1-1-0 15 6 15
5 MAFIA 8u Black 1-1-0 17 2 17
6 Alabama 9 Spikes / 8U 0-2-0 24 -14 1
7 Stix 8U 0-2-0 26 -14 4
8 RIPZZ Baseball Academy 0-2-0 29 -10 13

The 2021 Grand Slam World Series of Baseball Session III 8-Under Championship Bracket 8U-OPEN

The 2021 Grand Slam World Series of Baseball Session III 8-Under Championship Bracket
1 Mad Dawgs 12
Wednesday 8:00 AM
Frank Brown Park FBP 5
8 RIPZZ Baseball Academy 15
4 Locos Baseball 15
Wednesday 9:30 AM
Frank Brown Park FBP 5
5 MAFIA 8u Black 9
2 Carrollton Boosters 8U Blue 14
Wednesday 11:00 AM
Frank Brown Park FBP 5
7 Stix 8U 2
3 LA Nationals 10
Wednesday 5:00 PM
Frank Brown Park FBP 5
6 Alabama 9 Spikes / 8U 2
L1 Mad Dawgs 6
Thursday 11:00 AM
Frank Brown Park FBP 5
L2 MAFIA 8u Black 2
L3 Stix 8U 13
Thursday 12:30 PM
Frank Brown Park FBP 5
L4 Alabama 9 Spikes / 8U 2
RIPZZ Baseball Academy 13
Thursday 8:00 AM
Frank Brown Park FBP 5
Locos Baseball 14
Carrollton Boosters 8U Blue 12
Thursday 9:30 AM
Frank Brown Park FBP 5
LA Nationals 5
L6 LA Nationals 4
Friday 8:00 AM
Frank Brown Park FBP 5
Mad Dawgs 1
L5 RIPZZ Baseball Academy 12
Friday 9:30 AM
Frank Brown Park FBP 5
Stix 8U 13
LA Nationals 13
Friday 12:30 PM
Frank Brown Park FBP 5
Stix 8U 1
Locos Baseball 3
Friday 11:00 AM
Frank Brown Park FBP 5
Carrollton Boosters 8U Blue 7
L11 Locos Baseball 3
Saturday 8:00 AM
Frank Brown Park FBP 5
LA Nationals 7
Carrollton Boosters 8U Blue 7
Saturday 9:30 AM
Frank Brown Park FBP 5
LA Nationals 5
Saturday 11:00 AM
Frank Brown Park FBP 5
If necessary
Carrollton Boosters 8U Blue
Team Division W-L-T
1 Alabama 9 Spikes / 8U
Jasper, AL
8U-AA 3-11-0
2 Carrollton Boosters 8U Blue
New Orleans, LA
8U-AA 6-0-0
3 LA Nationals
Springfield, LA
8U-AA 6-2-0
4 Locos Baseball
Plainville, GA
8U-AA 8-3-0
5 Mad Dawgs
Mathiston, MS
8U-AAA 25-15-0
6 MAFIA 8u Black
Mount Olive, AL
8U-AA 8-8-0
7 RIPZZ Baseball Academy
Denham Springs, LA
8U-A 1-4-0
8 Stix 8U
Prattville, AL
8U-AS 6-18-0
Team Division W-L-T
1 Bandits Baseball-Black
9U-AA 16-11-0
2 Coamo Legends
9U-AA 0-4-0
3 Conroe Savages Red
Conroe, TX
9U-AAA 3-3-1
4 East KY Hustle
Mount Sterling, KY
9U-AA 3-3-0
5 HTB Rodriquez 8U KP
Houston, TX
8U-AA 0-4-0
6 Montgomery County Renegades
Willis, TX
9U-AA 2-3-0
Newton, MS
9U-AA 14-20-2
8 Pelicans Baseball Club McClure 8U KP
Central, LA
8U-AAA 3-2-1
9 Sandy Plains Wildcats 8U KP
Marietta, GA
8U-Major 5-3-0
10 South Walton Hawks
9U-AA 6-0-0
11 West Cobb Sox 8U KP
Marietta, GA
8U-Major 5-2-1
Team Division W-L-T
1 10U Missions - Henrich
Frisco, TX
10U-N 2-2-1
2 Central KY Warriors
Lawrenceburg, KY
10U-AA 5-2-0
3 Coamo Legends
10U-AA 2-4-0
4 DC Baseball
Cartersville, GA
10U-AA 5-6-0
5 Five Star Mafia
Wetumpka, AL
10U-AA 19-17-2
6 Full Count Falcons
Martin, TN
10U-AA 4-4-0
7 HTB Munoz
Houston, TX
10U-AA 4-2-0
8 Mizuno Golden Spikes 10U - Oswalt
Greenville, MS
10U-AA 19-19-2
9 MS Legends
Flora, MS
10U-AA 22-25-0
Newton, MS
10U-AA 16-15-1
11 Prime Baseball 10U - Gobert
Buford, GA
10U-AA 0-9-0
12 Prime Baseball 10U - Goworek
Dallas, GA
10U-AA 0-6-0
13 RIPZZ Baseball Academy
Denham Springs, LA
10U-AA 0-4-0
14 Texas Takeover
Whitney, TX
10U-N 2-3-0
15 The Cage Baseball (Vincent)
10U-N 7-0-0
Team Division W-L-T
1 5 Star Vols (Anderson)
Mt Juliet, TN
11U-A 2-3-0
2 5 Star Vols Hill
Lebanon, TN
11U-A 4-2-0
3 Archer Elite Baseball
Dacula, GA
11U-A 26-12-0
4 Blount Impact Dirtdawgz
Oneonta, AL
11U-A 6-12-0
5 Eagles Baseball
Belmont, MS
11U-A 16-19-3
6 East Texas Naturals
Union Grove, TX
11U-N 4-3-0
7 Elite Squad Texas-Shifflet
11U-N 3-2-0
8 Ga Tigers 11U
Alpharetta, GA
11U-A 4-2-0
9 Home Plate Dyal
Peachtree City, GA
11U-N 13-12-0
10 KTX Dirty Dozen
11U-A 0-4-0
Carencro, LA
11U-N 1-4-0
12 MC Raiders
Lynchburg, TN
11U-A 2-6-0
13 Pelicans Baseball Club Keowen
Central, LA
11U-A 3-4-0
14 RIPZZ Baseball Academy
Denham Springs, LA
11U-A 2-4-0
15 Saltillo Storm 11U
Saltillo, MS
11U-A 7-17-2
16 Sharon Springs Academy Spartans - Soliday
Cumming, GA
11U-A 21-7-1
Albany, GA
11U-A 4-10-1
18 Titans Blue
Marietta, GA
11U-A 1-3-0
Team Division W-L-T
1 Bama Yellow Hammers
Phil Campbell, AL
12U-A 9-7-0
2 Big League Wildcats Red
Collierville, TN
12U-A 16-13-0
3 Blues 12 Elite
Cottontown, TN
12U-A 5-1-0
4 Blues 12 Prime
Cottontown, TN
12U-A 1-3-0
5 Coamo Legends
12U-A 1-4-0
6 Dawson dingers
Dawsonville, GA
12U-A 9-10-0
7 Diamond Force
Knoxville, TN
12U-A 2-4-0
12U-A 13-8-1
9 Hammond Yankee White
Hammond, LA
12U-A 0-4-0
10 HTB Perez
Houston, TX
12U-A 2-3-0
11 KTX Dirty Dozen
12U-A 1-4-0
12 Madison baseball club Mudcats
Madison, IN
12U-A 2-3-0
13 Mill Creek Hawks
Buford, GA
12U-A 20-13-0
12U-A 6-6-0
15 NDO
Chalmette, LA
12U-A 0-4-0
16 North Mississippi Naturals
Iuka, MS
12U-A 25-19-2
17 RIPZZ Baseball Academy
Denham Springs, LA
12U-A 3-4-0
18 SBG Sox - Gadman
Ridgeland, MS
12U-A 26-15-0
19 TRB Raptors
Waverly, TN
12U-A 3-3-0
20 Triton Rays Metro
Montgomery, AL
12U-A 15-16-4
Team Division W-L-T
1 12U Razorbacks
Evansville, IN
12U-N 4-3-0
2 DG Elite
Katy, TX
12U-N 1-4-0
3 eXposure Prime
Chattanooga, TN
12U-N 7-3-0
4 Franklin Bombers
Franklin, TN
12U-N 7-2-0
Madisonville, LA
12U-N 3-2-0
6 GPS Legends Richardson
Round Rock, TX
12U-N 1-3-0
Cincinnati, OH
12U-N 3-3-0
8 KNG Wild Things- Harp
Louisville, KY
12U-N 3-4-0
9 Locos Baseball
Adairsville, GA
12U-N 7-5-1
10 Middle TN Vols
Old Hickory, TN
12U-N 1-3-0
11 Midwest Mavericks
Springfield, MO
12U-N 6-1-0
12 North Austin Rush
Austin, TX
12U-N 2-3-0
Team Division W-L-T
1 Blues 13 Goddard
Cottontown, TN
13U-A 5-2-0
2 Chesterville Warriors
Tupelo, MS
13U-A 19-8-0
3 Dallas Tigers
Frisco, TX
13U-N 2-4-0
4 Five Tool Players
Pearland, TX
13U-N 5-3-0
5 Forsyth Bulldogs
Suwanee, GA
13U-N 12-8-0
6 HTB Pizano
Houston, TX
13U-A 0-3-1
Highland Village, TX
13U-N 7-1-0
8 Kentucky Mayhem
frankfort, KY
13U-A 4-2-0
9 Lakeview Vikings
New Orleans, LA
13U-A 0-4-0
10 Ohio Power Baseball - Livingston
Morrow, OH
13U-N 3-3-0
11 RIPZZ Baseball Academy
Denham Springs, LA
13U-A 4-3-1
12 Stingrays
Covington, LA
13U-A 3-4-0
13 Walk-On's Baseball
Pineville, LA
13U-A 1-3-0
14 West Cobb Wolfpack
Marietta, GA
13U-A 10-6-0
15 ZT Elite Chapa
Houston, TX
13U-A 1-4-0
Team Division W-L-T
1 5 Star Vols - Hupka
Nashville, TN
13U-N 3-3-0
2 Blues 13 Brunk
Cottontown, TN
13U-A 1-3-1
3 Blues 13 Zazzaro
Cottontown, TN
13U-A 2-3-0
4 Clutch Baseball
Murfreesboro, TN
12U-A 2-3-0
5 Coamo Legends
13U-A 1-3-1
6 Louisville Makos Black
Louisville, KY
13U-A 2-3-0
7 Process Baseball
Grapevine, TX
13U-N 4-3-0
8 Process Baseball (Maize)
Grapevine, TX
13U-N 1-4-0
9 Southern Nationals
Atlanta, GA
13U-N 6-0-0
10 Tennessee Stars
Franklin, TN
13U-A 5-2-0
Team Division W-L-T
1 BC Gators
Humble, TX
14U-OPEN 3-3-0
2 Blues 14 Elite
Cottontown, TN
14U-OPEN 4-2-0
3 Blues 14 Prime
Cottontown, TN
14U-OPEN 4-2-0
4 Dallas Bandits - Hardison14u
Dallas, TX
14U-OPEN 1-3-0
5 EE Sox
Moore, OK
14U-OPEN 2-3-1
6 EE STIX Baseball 14U
Oklahoma City, OK
14U-OPEN 6-2-0
7 Florida Grind 14U
Panama City, FL
14U-OPEN 6-3-0
8 G1 Baseball 14U Navy
Clarksville, TN
14U-OPEN 1-3-0
9 HOJO Elite 14U-Diamond
Franklin, TN
14U-OPEN 4-3-0
10 Indiana Braves
Avon, IN
14U-OPEN 0-3-1
11 Ironmen Baseball Club
Sellersburg, IN
14U-OPEN 3-3-0
12 Oconomowoc Five Os
Oconomowoc, WI
14U-OPEN 0-4-0
13 Pandemonium 14U
Fitzgerald, GA
14U-OPEN 1-3-1
14 Southern Indiana Outlaws
Evansville, IN
14U-OPEN 2-2-0
15 SOX
Springville, AL
14U-OPEN 16-3-0
16 Texas Momentum Baseball-Guerrero
Haltom city, TX
14U-OPEN 2-3-1
17 Wolves 14u Navy
Louisville, KY
14U-OPEN 2-3-0
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