Grand Slam Sports Tournaments

Please read below & see how you can help your team get a FREE tournament! 

We would love for all teams to have some fun this weekend & participate in our Contest! 

Team Tent Contest! 

We would like to encourage all teams to have a designated "Team Tent" Decorate it in your best Halloween Spirt! Have plenty of candy available to hand out as kids make their rounds to see! 

1st Place - Free Entry into a Central MS Spring Event

2nd Place - Half Price entry into a Central MS Spring Event

Team Costume Contest! 

We would like to encourage all teams, including coaches, to wear their best costume for the games Saturday! We aren't worried about jersey numbers! Have some fun with it! (All players still must be on your roster & eligible)

Mask are allowed BUT, Players must wear a helmet batting, on the bases or catching. 

1st Place - Free Entry into a Central MS Spring Event

2nd Place - Half Price entry into a Central MS Spring Event

We will have judges walking around all day to judge your tent & the teams! 

Grand Slam will also have a tent set up so send those kiddos by to get some candy! 


´╗┐Disclaimer: Free entry & half price entry can only be used in events labeled "Central MS". 

The events below are NOT eligible for Free or Half Price Entry

Feb 23-25 - Central MS MP3 Select Series featuring Mark Paul

March 22-25 - Central MS Super Slam #1

April 19-21 - Central MS Super Slam #2

May 17-19 - Central MS Boys of Summer

June 7-9 - Grand Slam State Tournament

Welcome to the "Field of Fears"!  

Please make sure coaches & parents see this information

NO SUNFLOWER SEEDS at ANY Location including all High Schools

This is a city & High School ordinance from Each City & High School

Teams caught with sunflower seeds are subject to a forfeit of their game &/or $500 fine payable to the City or High School to which the ordinance was violated

Individuals caught with sunflower seeds are subject to being removed from the park &/or a $500 fine payable to the City or High School to which the ordinance was violated

Dugouts, field, bleachers & other areas will be checked before & after each game


Service dogs are the only pets allowed in the parks. No exceptions!

For questions during the event

 text 601-732-5040 (TEXT ONLY)

Coaches, if we have to eject one of your spectators from the park then the head coach will also be ejected. 

Head coaches who are ejected must sit 1 game. Assistant coaches who are ejected cannot return for that specific day. Spectators who are ejected are not allowed to return for the remainder of that event. 

Any coach or fan who makes a threat to an umpire, coach, player, fan, or staff will be banned from all Grand Slam events. 

Any pattern of badgering of an umpire, other fans, coaches, players, directors, gate workers, etc...will result in being escorted from the park by local PD.  Coaches, if you put your hands on an umpire, you will be prosecuted & vice versa for umpires to coaches. Tournament Directors have the discretion to have anyone removed from the park. Gate fees are nonrefundable. 

Important Links

Grand Slam MS Rules - Please Click & Read (These may differ from Grand Slam Corporate rules.)

Directions to Flowood

Directions to Freedom Ridge Park

Directions to Pearl

Gate Information

  • All gate fees are per person

  • Ages 12 & under are free

  • 2-Day pass - $15

  • Daily pass - $10

  • Senior Citizen/Military - $5 Daily

  • You must have your armband to re-enter the park

  • All gate fees are non-refundable

  • Any patron that uses profanity toward a gate worker or enters without paying will be removed from the park by the local PD. If you have issues at or with the gate, email

Coaches Passes

  • Coach Pitch teams are allowed 4 coaching passes. These are issued at the gate. 

  • Teams ages 9-14 are allowed 3 coaching passes. These are issued at the gate

  • Coaches must have their coaches armband to enter the park free


  • Event Rosters will be enforced. It's up to you to double check them & if you are having any issues you need to let us know. Players need to move from "Pending" to "approved". 

  • However, players that show as "pending" are not ineligible. 

Time Limits

  • 7U & 8U time limit is 50 minutes

  • 9U-12AA time limit is 1:20

  • 13U time limit is 1:25

    14U time limit is 1:40

  • DO NOT let an umpire tell you they are stopping a game within 5 minutes of the time limit. Stop the plate meeting or when you are told this immediately and call for a director. We can't help you after a game ends.


  •  Protest fees are $300 - No exceptions. For protest of players not on the roster or illegal age or any other player eligibility question, the protest must be initiated from the 1st pitch of the game to before the 1st pitch of the 2nd at bat of the player who is being protested.  Once a player has had 1 pitch thrown to him of his second at bat, he is no longer eligible to be protested. Any other protest that isn't a player eligible protest, must be done between the first pitch of the game and end of the game(unless the last out of the game causes a protestable situation,in this case the coach who wants to protest must call it to the umpires attention before they leave the field).You get the $300 back for a successful protest. 

Entry Fee Payments

  • Entry fee must be paid before your 2nd pool play game begins. Game will NOT begin until the entry fee is paid. 

  • You can pay your entry fee any time via Venmo @GrandSlamMS or CashApp $GrandSlamMS

General Rules/Details

  • We will provide baseballs for each game. However, teams need to be prepared to throw in game balls if the umpire runs out until we get more. Also, teams are responsible for retrieving foul balls & returning them to the field. 

  • 13U can only use -5 or -3 bats.  

  • 14U can only use -3 bats.

  • Pay attention to your post game score cards before signing. When you sign you are approving the score and all pitching records. 

  • Catchers must wear a helmet that covers the ears. 

  • Run rules are 12 after 3 .... 10 after 4 ....8 after 5

  • Extra innings - Last batter from the previous inning on 2nd base with 0 outs. 

  • 2nd Extra inning - Last 3 batters from the previous inning to load the bases with 1 out. 

  • 3rd to 1st pick off is legal. 

  • Head first slides are legal to any base unless a face mask, cflap, or chin strap is being worn. First offense is a team warning. The 2nd offense is an out. This only applies to ages 12 & under. 

  • Grand Slam plays by National Federation High School rules...with the exception of rules listed here, Grand Slam MS Rules or corporate Grand Slam. State Directors have the discretion to modify corporate rules. 

  • Always keep birth certificates on hand. Digital copies are allowed. 

  • Teams who have players that meet the grade exception (hold back) must have a progress report, report card or letter from the school confirming current grade if challenged. 

If you have a rule issue or any type of issue that needs to be addressed,

call for a director! We can't help you after a game has ended

and teams have left the field! 

As always, thank you for playing Grand Slam! Good luck!


Game Date/Time Field Team vs Team
Game 1 10/28 10:00 AM Flowood Liberty Park 5 6 Knights Knation - 7U Crain 18 Performance Academy Redbirds (7U)
Game 2 10/28 11:00 AM Flowood Liberty Park 5 8 Knights Knation - 7U Crain 20 Delta Dawgs
Game 3 10/28 12:00 PM Flowood Liberty Park 5 12 Next Level Rays 13 Performance Academy Redbirds (7U)
Game 4 10/28 1:00 PM Flowood Liberty Park 5 2 MCSZ Thunder 7U - White 19 Delta Dawgs
Game 5 10/28 2:00 PM Flowood Liberty Park 5 18 MCSZ Thunder 7U - White 15 Next Level Rays
# Team W-L-T RA RD RS
1 Delta Dawgs 2-0-0 10 14 20
2 Performance Academy Redbirds (7U) 2-0-0 18 8 20
3 MCSZ Thunder 7U - White 1-1-0 34 -4 12
4 Next Level Rays 0-2-0 31 -4 20
5 Knights Knation - 7U Crain 0-2-0 38 -14 14

7A Championship Bracket 7U-A

7A Championship Bracket
4 Next Level Rays 17
Saturday 3:00 PM
Flowood Liberty Park 5
5 Knights Knation - 7U Crain 15
1 Delta Dawgs 16
Saturday 5:00 PM
Flowood Liberty Park 5
Next Level Rays 8
2 Performance Academy Redbirds ( 16
Saturday 4:00 PM
Flowood Liberty Park 5
3 MCSZ Thunder 7U - White 17
Delta Dawgs 17
Saturday 6:00 PM
Flowood Liberty Park 5
MCSZ Thunder 7U - White 5
Delta Dawgs
Team Division W-L-T
1 Delta Dawgs
Indianola, MS
7U-AA 16-9-1
2 Knights Knation - 7U Crain
Madison, MS
7U-A 1-20-0
3 MCSZ Thunder 7U - White
Madison, MS
7U-A 11-33-0
4 Next Level Rays
Columbia, MS
7U-A 2-7-1
5 Performance Academy Redbirds (7U)
Meridian, MS
7U-A 2-7-0
Team Division W-L-T
1 Brandon Muddawgs
Brandon, MS
8U-A CP 5-15-0
2 Louisville Prime
Louisville, MS
8U-A CP 0-12-0
3 Madison Mudcats
Madison, MS
8U-AA CP 16-14-0
4 Mississippi Lightning
Brandon, MS
8U-A CP 14-21-0
5 PTA Royals
Brookhaven, MS
8U-AA CP 15-13-0
6 Simpson County Cardinals
Magee, MS
8U-A CP 6-20-2
7 Southern Slammers 8U
Collinsville, MS
8U-A CP 7-10-0
8 Swing Elite
Starkville, MS
8U-AA CP 12-12-0
9 West Monroe Bulldogs 7U
West Monroe, LA
7U-AAA 19-2-1
Team Division W-L-T
1 County Line Heat
Pelahatchie, MS
8U-AA CP 25-16-0
2 MS Mighty Tigers
Mccomb, MS
8U-AAA CP 14-10-0
3 Ms Prime
Philadelphia, MS
8U-AAA CP 15-9-0
4 Tribe Baseball
Meridian, MS
8U-AAA CP 14-9-1
Team Division W-L-T
1 EBC-Crosswhite
Philadelphia, MS
9U-AA 6-8-0
2 Freestate Jays
Laurel, MS
9U-AAA 16-6-0
3 Knights Knation Brice
Madison, MS
9U-AA 7-23-0
4 Mississippi Recon
Brandon, MS
9U-AAA 32-19-1
5 MS Yankees 9u - Navy
Madison, MS
9U-AAA 21-12-0
6 SIP Boys
Louisville, MS
9U-A 2-5-0
Team Division W-L-T
1 Arsenal-Humphreys
Brandon, MS
11U-AA 13-11-0
2 Bombers Baseball Red
Brandon, MS
12U-A 6-15-0
3 Kompound Baseball
Philadelphia, MS
11U-AA 11-16-1
4 MCSZ Thunder White
Madison, MS
12U-A 0-20-0
5 Mississippi Prospects
Brandon, MS
12U-A 10-15-0
6 MS Starz
Kosciusko, MS
12U-A 9-13-2
7 MS Yankees-11U White
Madison, MS
11U-A 14-17-0
12U-AA 16-10-2
Team Division W-L-T
1 Diamond Elite
Meridian, MS
12U-AA 12-15-0
2 MCSZ Thunder 12u Red
Madison, MS
12U-AA 24-19-1
3 Ms Mighty Tigers
McComb, MS
12U-AA 13-6-0
4 MS Yankees 12U Navy
Madison, MS
12U-AA 9-18-0
Team Division W-L-T
1 Arsenal
Brandon, MS
13U-A 5-11-0
2 CBA Reds 13U - Gray
Clinton, MS
13U-A 3-6-0
3 Central Alabama Fusion
13U-A 5-5-0
Newton, MS
13U-A 5-8-0
5 Mississippi Marlins
Ackerman, MS
13U-A 11-12-1
6 MS Royals
Natchez, MS
13U-AA 10-2-1
7 Simpson County Cardinals Navy
Mendenhall, MS
13U-A 9-16-1
8 Wesson 13u
Wesson, MS
13U-AA 11-3-0
9 Winston Aces
louisville, MS
13U-A 2-11-0
Team Division W-L-T
1 CBA Reds 13U - Presley
Clinton, MS
13U-AAA 13-6-2
2 Dirtbags
Magee, MS
13U-AA 8-23-3
3 Knights Knation 13U - Scott
Madison, MS
13U-AA 7-5-1
4 Knights Knation Parks
Madison, MS
13U-AA 10-11-1
5 MS Rangers 13U
Brandon, MS
13U-AA 9-19-0
6 SBG Sox Thomas 13U
Madison, MS
13U-A 4-15-1
7 TC Twins
Flora, MS
13U-AA 2-11-0
Team Division W-L-T
1 Delta Blue Jays
Indianola, MS
14U-AA 2-4-0
2 Mississippi Mustangs
Brandon, MS
14U 11-18-1
3 Ms Mighty Tigers
McComb, MS
14U-AAA 20-8-0
4 Pearl River Mudcats
Monticello, MS
14U 3-9-2
5 Rez Dogs
Flowood, MS
14U 6-28-1
Team Division W-L-T
1 27 SBG Sox Phillips
Jackson, MS
15U-OPEN 1-1-1
2 East Coast Sox- Mosley
Madison, MS
15U-OPEN 4-0-0
3 Knights Knation 14U - Roberts
Madison, MS
14U-AAA 5-14-0
4 Mississippi Sting
Raymond, MS
15U-OPEN 5-4-0
5 MS Blues Elite
Central, MS
14U-AAA 14-9-3
6 MS Yankees 14U-Silver
Madison, MS
14U-AAA 11-10-0
7 Rangers Baseball
Grenada, MS
15U-OPEN 0-2-0